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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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    I think @HeartSwells means we hate Resident and not Tennis?? Not sure though!
  2. Wait, how did you get Born This Way for so cheap? It's been £14.99 on Sound of vinyl for weeks.
  3. He mentioned awhile back that he knows some staff that work for them and heard bad things about The Residence.
  4. Just got mine and seems ok?
  5. Oh heck, sorry it was £14.99 all along. Still a bargain.
  6. Sound of Vinyl US has a "Born this Way" vinyl for $34.98 -- is it a 2LP set? it doesn't say anywhere
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  7. Yeahh its 2LP.

  8. amazing! thank you so much
  9. Back in stock!
  10. I immediately caved and bought the signed vinyl. Never treat myself to anything signed, fuck it.
  11. ahhh yes it's back in stock - do i go for signed or HMV exclusive??
  12. Darn it, i meant to order CRJ and then completely forgot now it's sold out. There's too much to stay on top of! ha
  13. The new Haim album is only available on black, red and yellow (UO and UK indie store exclusive), correct? I want to make sure before I pick one
  14. Both. Keep me in a job.
  15. Yep. The red variants come with signed postcards on the US and UK stores. Wouldn’t be surprised if we see a picture disc or something pop up at the last minute to squeeze a few more sales.
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  16. According to Jessie’s Instastory the signed ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ vinyl are limited to 500.
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  18. I forgot to buy mine yesterday before it sold out for a second time. I kept checking today and it came back in stock for what seemed like 10 mins where I managed to buy one! So just keep checking throughout the day and hopefully you'll be lucky to see when it comes back on sale.
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  19. Done!
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