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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Can't wait for the "fan demanded" vinyl packaging to show up in 2022... imagine.
  2. Chromatica LP (Artwork Edition) [By Demand]
  3. Someone on Twitter was producing a Vinyl Jacket for the Vinyl. Looked pretty good.
    If I find it again I post it here.
  4. Yes but I got my life watching the little gagz spinning and spinning in place while I played Plastic Doll at 45 RPM, yes I did! The picture disc is camp.
  5. I’m reminded of Lily Allen - Alright Still coming in a black sleeve, zero artwork, same for the recent reissue. The question being... “Why?”
    I’m still in disbelief that a Lady Gaga LP comes in a clear sleeve when her image / artwork comes hand in hand with her music.
    1. upload_2020-5-29_18-54-42.jpeg
  6. It’s dumb. The picture disc is a cute variant if they had to but like... the album cover is her lying ON disc... it’s right there... they dropped the ball not milking fans with a million different covers using all the imagery from this era.
  7. But this is great and suits the ska influences of the album
  8. *Coming 2024
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  9. So this is what it has come to.
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  10. Will it be on Etsy?
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  11. Link it

  12. The first Video got taken down because in the backround there is Rain On Me playing.
    On the Second Picture u see the outside and the inside on the other picture.
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  13. Ah, I remember packaging design class my junior year of college. (No, for real, I'm a designer, we had to do this paper shit all the time, it's horrible!)
  14. Fits the album perfectly then.
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  15. Is The Fame Monster pic disc bad quality? I’m tempted for Alejandro
  16. My Picture disc arrived and I have to say I really like it! The image is crisp, the green label looks good. I’m pleasantly surprised but then expectations were very low..
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  17. According to Twitter the Little Monsters bought as many variants as they could afford anyway - so them not bothering with it didn’t stop the fans from being milked.
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  18. HOW??? God that is stunning. Mine has been delayed until August.
  19. Amazon Italy inexplicably dispatched it sooner!
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