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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Congrats, I just want it in my hands.

    Is this the 'transparent green' reissue? Cos it looks so different from the mockup image, but so much better. That sparkle is beautiful.
  2. Yes! It ended up looking more like sparkly lizard green, especially when you hold it to the light. Gorgeous piece of vinyl!
  3. Oh wow, I'm even more excited for its arrival. Hopefully I get mine sooner than August ha.

    So bizarre that Amazon Italy had copies to ship out but Mute Records (where I ordered it from) didnt.
  4. My window ledge Chromatica vinyl just arrived, I’m pretty sure it’s warped too, giving it the true window ledge effect.
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  5. Well my copy of Chromatica has arrived and even though I was disappointed it wasnt true to the mockup I am in love with it.

    So crisp and sharp.

    Would still love a gate fold version.
  6. They didn’t even include the sheet with credits, though? A mess.
  7. They included two photos though. Everything in balance. xx
  8. This left me screaming. Happy for you though, sis.
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  9. Can't wait for the Gaga "welcome to chromatica super deluxe pink vagina rabbit hole" vinyl to drop 2 weeks after the release to boost it's sales. Maybe a pink/black splatter to really mess with us.
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  10. Pat


    Also received my transparant Chromatica vinyl. Looks pretty good actually (all things considered), but of course there's a tear in the sleeve...
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  11. But there isn’t one?
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  12. It's SOPHIE Tulisa's tear.
  13. Patiently waiting for the day a Fiona Apple "Extraordinary Machine" re-release gets announced.
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  14. I will just fucking use my design skills and moke up a gatefold for chromatica... just wait for it
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  15. I mean there’s very little else to comment on!
  16. I've got a design ready to print, but I'm waiting because (annoyingly) it's likely a deluxe package will be announced soon.
  17. They should announce a proper gatefold 12” with the full album cover, on hot pink vinyl, so the second week sales go up. I wouldn’t put it past them.
  18. Been tempted to do the same, I’ve looked into a die cut outer jacket with the black background and the sine symbol, then the inner jacket is the normal album cover. Found a company who I think could do it but it’d have to be a run of 30-50 and I don’t know if I can be arsed/there would be enough people interested. Also I’m pretty shit at graphic design nn.
  19. I just looked up more pictures in hand of the other Chromatica variants......god that plastic and tissue paper is so horrible.

  20. Yes but I NEED it. If my local indie store doesn't come though this week...
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