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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. I thought the tracing paper insert was kinda cool, would have been cooler to be a full on transparent insert though.

    “Good but should be better” sums up my feelings on the album too.
  2. I would happily help with the graphic design part - maybe you could do it via the PJ Big Cartel, and if it doesn’t make the 30-50 copies you could refund people or open it to non forum members? I know several people in my vinyl insta DMs who aren’t from here who’ve been trying to see if there are one off custom printing places! I’d probably wait a week or so though just to make sure an official one isn’t announced.
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  3. I know me too! If nothing is announced this much as I want to wait I might get the silver one. It’s making it harder hearing everyone say how great the sound quality is on it. Urban Outfitters did just send me 20% off for my birthday so....
  4. The fact that we are seriously thinking of printing our own sleeves. She really played us huh. The only reason I’d want the vinyl anyway would be the artwork.
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  5. Thanks sis! I’d like to imagine similar to the recent VMP Pang release.


    The window in the middle is a die cut hole, and the album art behind it is just the inner sleeve. Trying to imagine instead of a window it’d be the circle logo with the sine through it (or even just a plain circle if the sine logo would be too thin and potentially snap off).

    Reckon I’m just talking fantasies anyway dd.
  6. Something like this but more finessed?

    Inner Sleeve
    Outer Sleeve Option 1 (checkerboard is the die cut part)
    Outer Sleeve Option 2 (checkerboard is the die cut part)

    mockupB copy.jpg
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  7. This is a cute idea but the potential that things won't line up exactly when produced is giving me


    levels of anxiety
  8. Oh wow oh wow a die cut sine sleeve would be brilliant.
  9. fuck lazy record labels i guess... put all your clear vinyls here:

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  10. Gatefolds are trickier to create so tend to be more expensive. A regular sleeve with an inlay is a lot cheaper.
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  11. Urban Outfitters <3
  12. Greek labels in the 80s

    Finding UK and US imports of albums I owned greek pressings of years later in bigger shops and seeing them actually being gatefolds on glossy paper... a revelation.
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  13. Not sure if this has been posted yet but we now have dates for the RSD releases. Robyn is released on the 29th of August.

    I'm sure there were more things I wanted when it was first announced but maybe I've lost interest cause of all the delays, Robyn is all I'm after.
    I won't be queuing first thing like I usually would this year, will try my luck and have a look around midday.
  14. @Lapras:
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  15. Wait... is it still being held at stores... and not going fully online

    muffy the pandemic
  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I would buy a Chromatica custom sleeve

    Can we do a poll dddd
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  17. So I emailed Warner Music last week about my damaged Dua boxset, but haven't heard back. Does anyone know a better way of contacting them?
  18. I ordered my box back in March and they’ve still not sent it and aren’t responding to emails. Wish they had a phone number!
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  19. Both my mails to them were answered about a week later.
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  20. I got Chromatica today - the standard one.

    Girls, it’s ugly.
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