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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Ooh where did you get it? Is it still on Amazon ?
  2. Rough Trades website crashed at 8.57am...
    But I eventually managed to grab New Order and Midlake in the end.
  3. Technically?

    This is actually my second try, this time via a Discogs seller. My Amazon US order arrived (in the UK) damaged, I've just sent it back for a refund.
  4. A very clever thing Norman Records did to avoid the extra pressure of LRS traffic today was that they deactivated their payment steps so that you were able to reserve copies of things without paying (and their site never crashed) and about an hour or so later, they emailed again with instructions on how to complete payment.
  5. Ddd I bought all the Robyn 12” remix singles she released in 2015 and they remain unplayed.

    When did 12” singles become the price of an album?
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  6. If LRS crashed websites then Record Store Day is going to be a shit show, isn't it? I'm surprised Robyn sold out so quickly, remixes as well? Hopefully self-titled will be an easy purchase.
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  7. Y'all scrabbling to spend fifty damn quid on these Robyn remixes in a white sleeve and not even a cute box set to put them in? Ms. Carlsson's mortgage stays paid!
  8. The US Record Store Day list states that there are 2,000 copies available and Rough Trade states 1,150. Assuming that these are US and UK quantities then it should hopefully be much easier to get Self-Titled.
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  9. Just a splash of disposable income darling
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  10. The users of this thread will be so poor by the end of the month. Including me.
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  11. Advice needed: I got a new record player for Christmas - granted it’s not exactly a great one - I think it retailed for about £80?

    I’ve never had any issues with it - it plays records perfectly - but I drove it home from my uni student house today - got it home and started to play Hannah Diamond’s clear Reflections which I haven’t played yet and it skipped like crazy whenever the bass in the songs was a bit heavy. Just playing a Poppy vinyl now and it’s playing perfectly - is this likely an issue with the record or my player? I’m a bit worried it got damaged when I was driving home and packing away my things - I’m going to try a few more records and see how they fare.
  12. I can't stop looking at my Supernature vinyl. The green is just so perfect for it.

    I hope we get an opaque mustard yellow for Seventh Tree.
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  13. LMX


    Just come across this post, I know we all like vinyls from Urban so I’m just curious about what you all think
  14. I mean, it's pretty unarguable that UO has been horrendous Republican fascist enabling capitalist trash for years now.

    Their position as the monopoly vinyl (especially "limited" variants) company makes ditching them particularly painful for those of us that collect vinyl as much for the visual art/being "collectable" as for the music.

    It would be right and just to drag me for giving my brown immigrant gay coins to the company whilst I go on BLM marches and am an active member in a QTIPOC advocacy collective, for example.

    None of the above suddenly came about with the resurgence of BLM recently, it's always been like that. We're just thinking about/looking at it more.

    A sort of upside of this bullshit capitalism is that the majors are now full tilting into limited or colour variants, and demand now means even minors can get in on the action. Small bands will quite often lovingly have made super limited variants done under their own steam. Plus the resurgence of the format will make standard black UO only releases less and less common.

    All of this will make it gradually easier to wean us off the UO teat (yes I went there). Until that point, unless we're willing to hard end any contact with UO ("line in the sand"), and I'm not despite shouting about racism & BLM at thousands of white gays on the internet for the past 3+ weeks, we rightly (continue to) deserve any dragging we receive.

    Plus, there'll always be those white gays that will just buy whatever they want and then defend their choices, but also (in)directly defend the indefensible who are selling stuff to take their white gay coins. So it's never going away.
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  15. I mean, we’ve had this discussion elsewhere on this forum, but unless you’re only purchasing vinyl from independent artists who are using independent distributors, you’re likely contributing to the same issues. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spread the awareness, but you won’t make any difference by boycotting Urban Outfitters while supporting other big box retailers like Amazon instead.
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  16. Obama black I- why
  17. We all knew Urban is trash. Most corporations are. I made a comment here recently about how annoyed I was to have these beautiful custom vinyls with their name on the sticker. Unfortunately, I know myself and many others still bought them. I wish Britney’s exclusives were released on another platform but it’s not like anything her team does is great or what I really want to support
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  18. Yea most corporations are pretty evil. If we boycotted all of them we would not be shopping at a lot of places. I try to be mindful and not get from the worst offenders but it is difficult.
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  19. I feel like if we're talking about moral and ethical record buying we also need to have the conversation about vinyl itself being actually pretty atrocious environmentally, including all its pressing process, plastic sleeving, shrinkwrap, packaging, shipping.

    It's not really something I see spoken about in collecting circles because somehow the thirst for the product seems to brush it under the carpet, but it worries me that the increased attention on things like multiple variants and 7" singles (which the major label girls have clearly figured out are cheap and profitable again) is just getting a bit... garbage-y, y'know? These aren't products that have any extra care or consideration go into them aside from the label intern clicking the 'red vinyl - 500 units' option when uploading the files. It's just putting more and more stuff into the world that often remains unsold, and isn't able to be recycled.

    It's something I've thought about recently when putting something in my shopping cart – will I actually ever listen to it? Does it look like it's a cheap cash-in from a major or is it self-released? Is there any other way I can support the artist financially? I'm not expecting everyone else to think like this because buying records is fun and most of them are beautiful things to own, but it's just something I'm trying to be a bit more mindful of.
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