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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. I think she's breathed in too many melted down crystal fumes in lockdown.
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  2. Same
  3. Wasn’t Taylor Swift 1989 signed vinyl sold for like 300 dollars too?
  4. UO order updates

    - Carly arrived last week, some have already been sent out.
    - Kim arrived today, I contacted them about 8 damaged which they are replacing, long as I send them back at my own expense. There are a few more with minor damage but didn't feel they needed replacements (one of the issues with getting replacements is you're basically rerolling the dice, fingers crossed these will arrive in better condition than the ones I received).
    - Lizzie McGuire has been shipped and I'll hopefully get them next week.
    - Britney - ...Baby is on "yet to ship" status, so reckon those will be shipped soon.

    One of the issues with Kim is that since it's got that rainbow foil cover, any minor creases are still distinctly noticeable.

    Still waiting on:
    Britney - Oops! (August)
    Britney - Britney Jean (TBA)
    Katy Perry (July)
    My Chemical Romances (August/Sept)
    Selena Gomez - A Year Without Rain (Sept)
    Gwen (August)
    The Aces (July)
    Mac Miller - The Divine... (July)
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  5. Damn ma is it that serious
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  6. Want the Sufjan America 12” but not looking like they’ll appear over here.
  7. Anyone who sells a lot have any advice for good mailing packaging?
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  8. I use these cross shaped ones from Defenda, dunno what might be available overseas for you. Can usually fit 2 different records in, if sending more I just use two and tape them together.


    Don't underestimate the importance of stiffeners (those 12"x12" cardboard inserts) to stop a record moving around. If it's unsealed I ship with the record outside the outer jacket so that it might not bang around and cause a seam split.

    I tried these weird twist ones for bulk orders but I wasn't a fan, the more cardboard that a single mailer uses the more likely it'll take up space in your place, these were huge when unfolded and I wanted them gone asap.


    Make sure if you use the cardboard envelope type ones that they're good quality (or use lots of stiffeners). If you have a store that sends quality packages try checking their website, some record stores might sell packaging material for you (or let slip where they buy them from).
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  9. Uh, so the cost of shipping to the US from UK is shooting up, cost of most parcel weights increasing by £5ish. Postage from UK to UK/EU is still the same thankfully.
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  10. Pat


  11. The used pizza box that @Jacques got his Hung Up vinyl in
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  13. I’m worried, I ordered B’Day on eBay last night when I was half asleep and realised when it was dispatched today that it is coming from the US. I hope I’m not hit with expensive fees when it arrives.
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  14. Sadly because I was a huge fan. Would happily shell our for some albums.
    Thank you! What about Kelly - Breakaway by the way?
  15. thanks for my copy of Carly @HeartSwells arrived in perfect condition as always!
  16. Hoping to see a re-press of Emma's "Free Me" one day. Truly gorgeous album start to finish and I've never seen more than a few vinyls for it floating around at insane prices.
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  17. My pink ...Baby One More Time shipped.
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