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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Thanks King.

    I'm really wrestling with selling off the bulk of my collection at the moment. I already don't get much use out of them, and realistically I can only see my lifestyle being more nomadic than it already is in the next few years. I'm Natalie Imbruglia Torn about it though, because they do have sentimental value.

    If I do begin to sell I'll give ya'll some exclusive picks to calls dibs on here.
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  2. Got my Christine and the Queens from Juno today (along with the deluxe CDs of Step Back In Time and Madame X) so thank you @Dennis for the tip-off.
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  3. My white ‘Whaťs Your Pleasure?’ vinyl has been dispatched.
  4. I saw this from GA thread and I died! custom Chemistry on white vinyl

  5. Beautiful. I love the whole prom dress look from that shoot and it is great to see it amped up!
  6. RJF


    I finally picked up Christine from my parents' house and she is beautiful. That barely-there peach is such a nice shade and she sounds phenomenal.
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  7. I’m finally reunited with all my vinyl that’s been at my mum’s for the past year. I’ve missed them all dearly, especially ANTi and Vroom Vroom
  8. The Katy’s might be in sooner than UO said @HeartSwells !

  9. I'm just waiting on the sleeve. I've got Tangled Up coming soon, too.
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  10. RJF


    It surely cannot be long until all these custom vinyl stores are choke slammed through a table by record labels. I'm not sure how they're getting away with it at the moment.
  11. I fully believe we will get the 5 Girls Aloud studio albums on vinyl for their 20th Anniversaries this decade. I think Universal know that they couldn’t do another greatest hits for a 20th reunion so are probably holding them back so they can make money with it coinciding (as they wouldn’t get any money from tour sales). Or even their 25th.

    If Universal know there’s enough demand for Kate Nash’s 2nd album to be pressed last year (no more than 1000 copies) then they know at least a limited press of Girls Aloud albums will sell. While I think labels were slow off the bat last decade to pick up on what albums needed reissuing, Universal at least seem to know what they’re doing now and are probably being clever about it and holding them back until they coincide with an anniversary. Watch as I end up having to order custom pressings in 2030 like the rest of you.
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  12. This is why I did Eden's Crush since their label dying is what killed them anyway, dd.
  13. .... take all of my USD out of my bank account if/when these happen ....
  14. I hope so, I would actually get that.
  15. Yes binch whet my appetite.

    Then again you just know theyre gonna price it at like £250 instead of £150.
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  16. I’ve joined the club with y’all creating Instagram accounts for your collections

    EDIT: Warner took down my post because I had Paradise playing fffff
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  17. If fans can come up with this:

    I'll take anything that even remotely resembles it.
    Although I just paid for a custom TEN design vinyl, damnit.
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