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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. I got Days Are Gone for £9 from work. I had been tantalizingly close to buying it the day before we abruptly got put into lockdown, and it's been haunting me in my dreams ever since.
  2. Today's haul/splurge:

    Velvet Rope (deep red)
    Palo Santo (red)
    Rhythm Nation (black)
    Janet (black)
    Ray of Light (clear)

    I'm not straight!
  3. Oh and What's Your Pleasure? (white) a few days back.
  4. Spent this evening alphabetising my collection finally, doing it HMV style by having them in lettered groups, but lumping together any artist where there’s a significant number of titles.

    Next up, updating Discogs.
  5. Another month without Kylie reissues, another time to mockup releases.

    Releasing them in 4 batches, maybe every 3 months, rather than all at once, would be beneficial for them as fans wouldn’t pick and choose and might be able to afford more than a couple.

    Also these releases work out well at giving fans who missed out on the Sainsburys releases something special to collect, while also giving fans who did get the Sainsburys releases something new to add to their collection, with the alternate covers!
  6. Does anyone have a spare copy of Katy's Complete Confection vinyl to sell? Thank you!
  7. RJF


    Gonna start reporting people for posting mock ups LOL.
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  8. That second Impossible Princess cover is mirrored. It needs to be flipped around.
  9. Pat


    What do y'all do with the promo stickers that come with sealed vinyls? I used to try to peel them from the plastic and put them onto the sleeves. But now I feel like it's a bit of a waste of the cover art to put stickers onto them.
  10. If I can get to the actual vinyl itself by just slitting the side then I just keep the plastic on them with the stickers.
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  11. I get 450 gauge polythene (not PVC) sleeves for every 12” in my collection to keep them protected - I peel off the stickers and put them onto these sleeves so it’s not on the cover itself but still with the release. The problem is stickers that just won’t peel (I’m looking at you Urban Outfitters releases) so I tend to cut those out and just put them inside the sleeve!
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  12. Where's the best (cheapest) place to get these?
  13. Pat


    I do this too, only impossible to do so with gatefold vinyls.

    That's actually a great idea, thanks!
  14. I use this site

    The 250g ones don’t offer enough protection for my liking so it’s worth spending a bit more on the 400g. I also order the 200 at once (free UK delivery) as it usually takes me a year and a half to go through that amount! They fit Madonna’s Hard Candy 3LP gatefold in at a push but they won’t stretch for the Lana Born To Die Paradise slipcase set, but all gatefolds fit!
  15. Fab thank you
  16. Alizée’s first two albums coming our way on vinyl for Christmas!
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  17. Usually I just slice the side of the sleeve keeping the seal and hype sticker intact, sometimes gatefolds are so tight I end up just taking the seal off, folding it up and putting it inside the sleeve.
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  18. Got a notice that the Ace of Base set is coming tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed but if it does that is fast. From Amazon UK shipped on the 3rd to the US.
  19. I was making a start on taking pictures of my collection, slowly chipping away at it when I noticed my Madonna 'Dont Tell Me' was a coloured version. I've had it ages and didnt even know, it felt like Christmas.

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  20. Some of the Britney Oops have been delayed until November.
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