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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Only 20 of the Spotify vinyl left on Katy’s UK Store.
    I imagine this will probably end up the rarest as it’s limited to 2000 worldwide. Whether it’s actually the most in demand though will be a different matter as it’s not too far from the colour of the standard pressing.

    Even though the red pressing is limited to 1000 with the HMV OBI, there are probably more than 2000 worldwide without the OBI as other retailers are stocking it.

    The blue one will probably sell for expensive prices in the UK/Europe as you can’t order from the Target website, however it won’t be "rare" at all in America as they usually press 10k+ of their exclusives.

    The picture disc is sold out on the US store but still has 100+ in stock in the UK - I’m sure it will be restocked and won’t actually be limited as Universal stores love to restock their D2C (direct to consumer) exclusives long after the release date.

    And that’s what you missed on Smile x
  2. Spotify app seems to be down at the moment but just got Daft Punk ‘Discovery’ ‘Dirty Computer’ and ‘Melodrama’ delivered from Juno. They are so quick???

    Forgotten how good ‘Dirty Computer’ is!
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  3. They could probably send out packages blank tapes and no would know any different haha
    Do people actually play the tapes? I mean, great if you do! But it just seems pointless u less maybe you have an old car with a cassette player...
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  4. Fantastic record, but it's always a gut punch when someone mentions it and you realize they've been mostly shit these past 20 years, and that's the tea.
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  5. I have never purchased anything so quickly when I seen it in hmv today
  6. Well I pre-ordered the Spotify exclusive for Smile because I’m a clown, guess I’ll just wait for How I’m Feeling Now to go live to finish spending money I shouldn’t this week.
  7. Discovery looks and sounds great on vinyl.
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  8. With albums I like the idea of a standard edition and a limited quantity of a special edition! I also wish all stand editions were black.
  9. The listing for The Fame/The Fame Monster has been completely removed from the Urban store
  10. It's their usual tactic then.
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  11. Usually it would still have the listing with a sold out sign, weird.
  12. Apparently the indie red variant of Witness now goes for $170 on Discogs? And the UO exclusive one is $100? I remember both editions being widely available back then (with the UO one being discounted for ages).

    What I'm saying is grab your Smile variant now and save it for a rainy day y'all.
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  13. I've still got the original Lady GaGa - Artpop vinyl and it's going for £200 up to £325 on discogs.

    I always get tempted to sell but I cant.
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  14. 'Going for' isn't what it will sell for though, no?
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  15. It's also scarcity. Currently both only have one single copy for sale - so somewhere down the line someone will eventually give in for completion's sake.
  16. The blue from Target really works for Katy's cover.

    Still happy to see the Fame/Monster 3LP in my orders on Urban. Do they "sell out", remove and add back often?
  17. Too many fucking variants!!!!
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  18. I've decided to only go for the new variants on albums I really really loved.
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