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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Anyone know if the quality for Khruangbin's 'Mordechai' is up to scratch? I've heard...bad things.
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  2. i don’t know if i should make my uo order now before the fame is unavailable again or wait till a random how i’m feeling now version pops out of nowhere.
  3. Naturally, I had a 20 percent off coupon at UO that expired five days ago.
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  4. Ooh, I'll get Speak since it is one of my fave albums ever.
  5. But Hilary Duff was right there Jeffrey
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  6. Ahh I need that Britney! So gorgeous
  7. OK I need Lindsay. Speak has become one of my favourite albums oops.
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  8. Does anyone know if The Fame Monster is explicit or not?
  9. Cover art mockup has the "explicit" sticker on it, but.... who knows.
  10. I've read all the variants are pretty bad. Dddd.
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  11. For anyone in the UK ordering copies of Dedicated Side B, all the descriptions I’ve seen suggest it’s a six track 12”...?

    No wonder they’re so cheap.
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  12. Snagged Gaga!
  13. The only listing I've seen with any mention of a tracklisting is Rough Trade so I'm hoping it's just a mistake on their end?
    Carly when the suspiciously cheap vinyl arrives with half the album missing:
  14. Banquet, Rough Trade and Resident all mention 6 tracks, and list it as a 12”, longer albums are usually listed as LPs on those sites.
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  15. Didn't spot the Banquet and Resident listings so thanks for the heads up - I can't see them doing a separate pressing just for Europe but obviously it does seem to be some kind of cut-down version.
  16. I feel like it must be a mistake on the label's part? Including the price.
    A cut down version makes 0 sense.
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  18. Oh fucking hell I NEED Speak.
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  19. Fuck, do I need Speak on vinyl?
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