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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  2. Yes?
  3. It is kinda expensive though, and I'm overboard with expenses this month...
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  5. Not me spitting through 7” singles and finding Physical by Oliveo Newton John while Physical by Dua Lipa plays on the radio. Iconic.
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  6. The minute I pre-ordered, I regretted and thought this was a gimmicky purchase for me. I was so wrong. It’s beautiful and wall-to-wall bops.

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  7. That new Britney variant is gorgeous but i already have the yellow one. Maybe I’ll sell that and get this one cos it’s a much better match to the album art
  8. Has anyone received theirs yet? I thought they were released on the 3rd but mine haven’t been dispatched.
  9. Came through today!
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  10. A Year Without Rain has been marked "sold out" for two weeks now. It's very hard to believe 3,000 people bought that album, but have UO ever done this tactic for that long?

    I can't believe I'm tempted to buy Britney again because of the pretty new disc. Putting on my clown makeup.
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  11. Lovely @HeartSwells are there any plans go add Lindsay or new Britney to the store?
  12. Yep, sorry didn’t get round to adding them last night. I’ll post here when it’s up.
  13. Is miss @HeartSwells shipping to Croatia? The new Britney and The Fame Monster vinyls are super cute.
  14. Ready to swoop into @HeartSwells' store to get the new Britney vinyl.

  15. So with this new Britney release, is it expected that they'll do that with the rest of her albums too?

    I'm a little upset I missed both Blackout and Femme Fatale already.
  16. It's looking like it, probably up to Britney Jean. Although they might stop if demand isn't there since they recently did the vinyls.
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  17. I just found Tinashe’s “Joyride” at FYE for $16 and its an exclusive.
  18. lol yeah like “750 printed” but I’ve been able to find it at literally any FYE I’ve gone to. Of course, I live in a podunk ass area of Florida so they’re maybe not HYPE to buy Tinashe, but it’s never felt limited to me.
  19. Honestly Australia has more copies of joyride on vinyl than people
  20. Gee way to kill my buzz hahaha.
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  21. Oooh same! And it’s still sealed because i just didn’t get around to listening to it. It is quite tempting
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  22. Pat


    Are people actually paying 200 pounds for the original ARTPOP? I can't imagine it's actually that limited.
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  23. wait whats happening to thisthread
  24. I was thinking about this at work today, what, theoretically, was preventing the Christina Aguilera version of Do What U Want appearing on the re-released vinyl pressings? Rights, fees, licences etc?
  25. Nn I have no idea
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