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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Honesty I think gargamel just wanted to forget about the song nn
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  2. the way new posts keep getting buried in July 12th

    what kind of vinylground day
  3. Yeah I think she just wanted to forget about it.
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  4. Me reading the new posts and suddenly the old posts I somehow remembered a bit.
    Is this how dementia feels like?
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  5. I think it's because R Kelly has a writing credit on the song, so he'd still get royalties if they included any version.
  6. Are we in the Matrix?
  7. Ooof. Fuck yeah, cancel it then.
  8. We deserve this for wasting the Earth with plastic.
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  9. I have the original too (well judging by this thread who hasn’t?!) but I can’t imagine anyone actually buying it from me for that price in reality. The fact that the album (new pressing) on vinyl is everywhere surely doesn’t help either.
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  10. I think after 1k pages threads go wonky?
  11. I think that’s just an error with the song registration. If that was actually the case I imagine they’d have removed the Xtina remix off streaming as well, but it’s still readily available.
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Other threads are experiencing this at the moment too (random thoughts, random pop thoughts) so hopefully the forum can fix itself xxx
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  13. I arrived home today to Julia, Mylene and Christine all in my mailbox.
    Took only a could of days from FNAC and all in perfect condition
  14. chari xcx vinyl news tomorrow
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  15. They buy it.
  16. We moved into a new thread!
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  17. It was the same for Roisin Murphy 'Overpowered', I was so close to purchasing it on Discogs for around £200 then the reissue was announced.

    You should see the prices for the Call Me By Your Name OST blue and yellow variants. £630 for the yellow and £400 for the blue. Insane.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Post this here if you wish! This thread is broken and will be locked xx
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  20. I pray that (nearly) alphabetical mess isn’t real, but I hope “Magnet” really is on there. Speaking of Speak, I’ll never understand why that album’s lead single was listed as a “bonus track” on every edition.
  21. I actually wanted to buy the original pressing of ARTPOP because... of the foil. It looks so lush on Vinyl. I think the new pressig is just normal.

    A little meltdown but I think I mentioned few days ago about waiting ever since March 31st for my "Revival" copy to arrive. Finally, on July 7th, I arrived at home from doing some quarantine-groceries and saw a package. It was finally here. Unpacked. It was a Purpose picture disc. uDiscoverMusic sent me the wrong order. Tried contacting and still waiting for a reply, but I guess I'll be lucky to get a refund. I wish I could go for a replacement, but impossible to send the disc back, pay shipping, pay taxes, and then pay MORE taxes for the right item.
    I just got it in first place because it was a special-offer-deal and ended up losing money dd.
  22. Well the blue Call Me By Your Name vinyl I saw has gone, so I'd assume someone has bought it.

    I'm always keeping track on them as I want the yellow and blue variants. Although I'm looking for a reasonable price.

    I long for the day I go into a record shop and see one of them there.
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  23. I noticed collectors are more prone to buying more extremely priced records. I've certainly made my fair share of those purchases, thank god for PayPal Credit.
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  24. They don’t seem to that uncommon on Discogs, two copies of the blue variant have sold this year for less than £150, and five copies of the yellow sold for less than £150 too.

    Still high prices but I just meant throwing around the £600 figure because someone is trying their chances isn’t an good representation of it’s actual value.

    If you’re patient and on the ball you could easily buy both for £100-£150 each by the end of the year.

    Good luck!
  25. I sold a local guy some Britney records this week. I did a bit of research on him and was so sure he was gay but when he came to collect them we got talking a bit and he revealed he's got a girl. We also got talking about pricey records and Rihanna's Anti came up. He said he really wanted it and thought it was so pricey because of the nude lithographs. Straights.
  26. I have the Peach vinyl
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  27. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    A twink returned a vinyl of Pang and said the disc was warped and my shady manager replied 'oh that's just the way she sings' ffffff I hate her.
  28. I will sell it then!
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  29. Did not lie
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