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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    "translucent yellow" Up on Asthmatic Kitty and Bullmoose, probably is the standard retail.
  2. ALSO, been wondering if anyone would be up for doing a Vinyljustice Secret Santa. I remember the mixtape swap from a while back being kinda cool. It'd probably be split between two groups depending on the response (US and EU).
  3. That could be fun!
  4. Is there any likelihood of finding a Britney 'Baby One More Time' vinyl in the UK?
  5. Finally purchased The Velvet Rope to celebrate its anniversary.
  6. I have this feeling there is going to be a proper vinyl reissue campaign for her back catalogue. It feels like the UO release was testing the waters / getting the hype started for her back catalogue on vinyl.
    Avril and P!nk are doing it so it makes sense for her to follow suit.
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  7. New The Go! Team album out next year:

    - Retail black.
    - limited neon pink.
    - green (Rough Trade exclusive /500)
    - Signed test pressings with silkscreen cover (also £25, so kinda cheap for a test pressing)
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  8. Where are the test pressings being sold? Suspect I’ve missed them already.
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  10. I think I'd be down for this too.
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  13. Is anyone forking out the extra money for the "deluxe" vinyl of Masseduction? I mean I'm sure the packaging is nice, but I'm not sure if it's worth over $15 more than the standard. Might be worth it if it's limited, but I don't remember it being so.
  14. I basically grenade launched my coins at the deluxe with the yellow vinyl. It's also apparently the November VMP record.
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  15. Legacy recordings were involved with those two you listed, they've done Britney stuff previously so I wouldn't be shocked if all her albums appear soon. Same with Beyoncé.
  16. OMG
    for those who didn’t buy The Killers’ Wonderful Wonderful on pink vinyl

    There is only ONE copy left at Banquet records
    So hurry up

    UPDATE: it’s gone.
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  17. Damn HMV in Southampton being one of the only stores not stocking the pink version. Hey ho, I'm just glad to own the LP.
  18. I know.

  19. nn the deluxe St Vincent is a close-up of the butt. Praying the VMP alternative cover isn't the same.
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