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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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    My most recent additions:

  2. Where did you get this Panic! at the Disco vinyl?
    (Orange Kelela is so beautiful, matches the cover 100%)
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    I got mine from Hot Topic. They sold out a while back but there should be plenty of copies around.
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  6. Green SZA is tempting. Don't like the St. Vincent color variant. Orange cover/pink vinyl works so much better.
  7. Yeah, wish they went with something more jarring than blue, was hoping for a kind of bold bogey green teebs, doubt it'll be any marble/split though since it doesn't really match the campaign aesthetics.

    I'm more into the packaging these days, hope the alternative cover is good. Got the new Beck deluxe in and that packaging has blown me away.
  8. Wasn't there talk about an additional bonus of some kind on the VMP edition of MASSEDUCTION? The blue *is* pretty and matches the color scheme for the album. I already ordered the yellow deluxe. I'mma need all of the variants of 2017's best album.
  9. Think I'll get the green SZA to go alongside my signed copy.
  10. St Vincent may get me to re-sub to VMP.
  11. "Our package will have alternate artwork, color variant, and, in my opinion, the best random, special add-on we’ve ever done (think sorta like Super Ape, but something cooler)"

    The Super Ape release came with a stencil, so probably won't be anything too big, it'll probably be 2D too to ship easier.
  12. The cover is yellow instead of red in the e-mail. Looks the same other than that.
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  15. I thought so too but the person who sent me the link said that this retailer often does $1 vinyls.
  16. DUnno if posted but just in sainsburys and they had ray of light (blue vinyl) and like a virgin (clear)
  17. Yep, got them, I was just about to post in this thread too. I suggest y'all get to Sainsbury's before lunch time / word gets out.
  18. Wrong blue, back to bed I go.
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