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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. That is an odd choice for the colour.
    I was all here for the Kylie one but I already own Ray of Light on vinyl and I don't have desire to get this.
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  2. The Kylie one was generally more exciting because it's the only time the album has ever been pressed on vinyl.
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  3. I guess Madonna will not be available online, right? If I’m not mistaken the same thing was with Kylie’s vinyl?
  4. I don't know to the former, indeed to the latter. Discogs is your friend.
  5. A friend who will leave you broke.
  6. The previous Madonna ones are reasonable now price-wise, I think Kylie's is the exception mainly because it hasn't been released anywhere else... yet.
  7. Portuguese visas must be expensive. Anyway, I like the blue color, but it's not the Ray of Lightclear, aquatic blue which looks really beautiful on the holographic CD, although I've never seen one in person. But that color in a record would be heaven.
  8. It’ll probably arrive before our signed ones!
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  9. Wonder if the signed ones are also green, perhaps explaining the delay?

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  10. I'm at Sainsbury's and can pick up a spare copy of each of anyone is interested.
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  11. I'm interested! How much are they?

    (Would you mind checking if the Kylie record is in stock again?)
  12. Ray £20, Virgin £18.
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  13. Oh also the stickers say UK exclusive, so I can imagine somewhere like FNAC getting copies too.
  14. In light of today's releases, recents, and a big VMP parcel.


    Still smitten with the Beck packaging, the Ibeyi fold out is pretty neat too!
  15. Yeah, the Ibeyi release is STUNNING isn't it?
  16. I need an unboxing of the MASSEDUCTION vinyl (especially the deluxe). I've seen some pics of the items taken out, but I want to see what it all looks like. Looks so tantalizing.
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  17. The Ray Of Light cover having 99 shades of blue and them choosing one that's not one of them... choice.
  18. Where did you guys buy the yellow Ibeyi vinyl from? I thought it was a FNAC exclusive in France only?
  19. I'm triggered. UGH.
  20. Fucking hell what do you do for WORK?!
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