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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  2. It's so nice to own all The Cardigans' albums on vinyl, it's been a long four years waiting!
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  3. My copy of Gran Turismo arrived with a big dinted corner on the sleeve, I requested a replacement from Amazon and they actually emailed me asking for photographic evidence, this has never happened before?
    They must be clamping down on returns, I imagine a lot of their stock goes to waste with the amount of returns they must receive.
  4. I had that happen when my Dannii Minogue vinyl arrived all busted up, but that was with PledgeMusic.
  5. War flashbacks to a Sade record that was actually half-folded after the postman tried to squeeze it through my slot.
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  6. What the... I would have seen red, I hope you screamed at him?
    Was it the coloured one? and did you get a replacement?
  7. The same happened to me, I’d ordered 2 copies and they arrived completely dented in two corners. Pledge asked for photos and when I sent them, they immediately sent me another 2 from their reserve stock.

    Most of if not all companies keep some stock leftover should things like this happen.
  8. My Cardi B from them had a tiny white glue speck on one song and I chose to just get a refund and keep it as it's in a song I don't care for, the other option was to send it back to get a replacement.
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  9. Yeah, it was the colored one. They sent over a replacement sleeve that I ended up having to glue together myself dd. But all’s well.
  10. I've bought some vinyl dirt cheap because of the corners being dented. I'm not fussy.
  11. Same if it’s offered as such but not if I buy full price and expedited. No ma’am.
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  12. Apparently the standard is yellow? The picture on her website looks orange-ish, but it says 'Yellow' underneath. Then there's the limited UO copper, the website exclusive Lime Green & Glow In The Dark, & now apparently this FNAC orange. Curious.
  13. That it’s an exclusive for FNAC tells me it’s a separate pressing from the yellow one, but there are also quite a few of their exclusives that are simply the “indie exclusive” variant, so keep an eye out on your local shop to see if they throw anything else up for preorder.
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  14. Is MUNA - around u the most beautiful coloured vinyl / vinyl and label colour combo ever? I think so. So gorgeous, glad I snatched.
  15. Yep - upon further inspection, they're also selling the "pale yellow" standard version along with the CD, so it's definitely an exclusive orange variant.
  16. The worst thing that happened to me with a record was ordering a limited edition Electroc Lady double vinyl and it arrived with one record not even being in there! It got sorted in the end, but was a bit of a pain!

    Oh definitely. The colour is absolutely perfect.
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  17. I ordered the Trixie Vinyl of and it was shipped in a Big Box and the Vinyl was just in there with those big 6 rows bubble wrap. So the Box got damaged to me but I thought in the big box is a smaller box but there wasn't. So my Vinyl was completely smashed and ripped apart. The Vinyl itself is okay I guess. So I contacted support and they wanted that I send it back and get a replacement. But after I said I am from Germany they said I should keep it and they send me a replacement. That was the first time I got a smashed vinyl.
  18. That’s really annoying, they have packaging for vinyl, why they use these big boxes is beyond me, it must be even more annoying when the order is from abroad so you have to wait longer for the replacement. At least they let you keep it!
  19. I love that my copy has...two identical copies of the same hype sticker.

    (Not knowing where to place them made me anxious.)
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