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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. I’ll be dust before Goldfrapp gets around to reissuing everything
  2. upload_2019-2-7_8-21-51.jpeg

    Another UO exclusive, orange/yellow vinyl.

    £17 record price if you’re interested in that group order thing.
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  3. I just need Black Cherry.
  4. Surprised Mute, who have been known for releasing the same Erasure *Andy Bell sighs* again and again for the past 40 years are reluctant to reissue anything? Maybe Frapp are blocking them as they're bound to have had a different contract.
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  5. Was Fifth Harmony's self-titled only pressed on blue vinyl?
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  6. The Cardigans statement:
    And from them
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  7. global queen
  8. Yep!
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  9. I’d love a copy of this! As well as Britney on clear as I still don’t have that. Count me in!
  10. Shall do!
  11. Count me in for paramore if you haven't already ordered :)
  12. Apropos of nothing: I have entered a short space of time where I'm not completely broke. What sexy & new vinyl do I want? I know enough of you hunties know what I dig.

    Also, here's my past month:
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  13. As much as I wanted Super Sunset, $34 for 6 songs wasn't happening!

    My latest two purchases:
    • Nina Nesbitt's The Sun... on pink
    • Lana's Paradise EP ($11 at FYE!)
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  14. I have no idea why these are getting releases but okay. Clear 7" vinyl and cassette (I'm screaming at side A being the regular version and side B being the, seriously?)
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  15. I’m all here for 7” releases, but as someone else said, it’d be nice if they were a bit more original with the b-sides.
  16. This is exactly how 7" were in the 70s and the 80s boys, usually the same track, edited. Or in Cyndi Lauper's case the same b-side for 10 singles.
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  17. True, but those cassettes could certainly fit more tracks.

    Side note: I’d die for a current pop girl to serve a real maxi-single... with 3 remixes and the instrumental. You know the drill.
  18. Mabel can.
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  19. Or in Madonna's case, "I Know It" on nearly every 80s single release up to 1987.
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