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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. The red version of Solange's Seat at the Table just arrived.

    It's gorgeous. Much better than the purple exclusive pressing.
  2. Gone now. Also cant find anything on her official webstore. Also the Single Thank U Next Vinyl ja gone.
  3. Posting here too cause gorgeous!
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  4. Not me trying to spend less on vinyl this year, but itching to get those new Prince vinyl. Has anybody bought these? How are they?
  5. Finally snatched a near mint condition copy of Human Nature by Madonna, UK pressing with the video cover.
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  6. I just paid my card off Stefani.
  7. I probably would have jumped at it a few years back, but now I’m like... it’s a record and a bunch of paper I don’t need nn

    I do love the metaness of having Jackson and Ally publicity photos, though.
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  9. Its just frustrating to me that they keep dropping new releases. First the CD box set, then the vinyl exclusive, now I really going to buy this album once a month?
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  10. This is the kind of thing I've stopped myself from buying because as you said, it's just stuff I don't need, especially when I already own the black vinyl edition, I'm happy with that.
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  11. I’d definitely buy it if it were, like... a book or something properly put together, but a bunch of loose sheets? I’ll pass. I feel like most of these box set releases are pretty much the same these days. I need something a bit more unique.
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  12. Agreed, there’s nothing extra inside which makes me think “I have to have that”, like Garbage included the b-sided vinyl inside their Version 2.0 box set.
    Give me a mocked up Ally EP and I would have been tempted.
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  13. Random but this video shows what can happen when a gatefold record remains sealed for decades. At 0:49 seconds.
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  14. A thick hard bound book would have been a selling point, but yeah a bunch of lithos don’t make for a good deal. It’s on the UK store for £119.99 too ddd.
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  15. Would that ever increase in value at such a high retail price? Ellie did a very similar one for 'Delirium' and to this day I regret buying a copy (I believe it was something like £79). A year later Universal had to sell it for a tenner a copy to get rid of dead stock dddd. So unless its pressed quantity is very limited (not mentioned anywhere?) you might as well wait for it to go down in price.
  16. The white Anti is sold out again.
  17. Finally gave in & bought the hot pink Caution. Don't want to say how much I paid for it, but... let this be a lesson to myself: always pre-order immediately.
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