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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. I bought Mariah's Butterly album picture disc for €5 (and another five postage) from and it arrived in two days, the only 'damage' is a 1cm tear to the PVC. It's not numbered and has no matrix codes which makes me think it's the US edition (according to that discogs entry).

    They have some left, it's the third seller here.
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  2. Got mine from Public but it's numbered.
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  3. My friend who gets a lot of his vinyl info from reddit said the white ANTI is actually a load of copies they found and not a repress? Really hope mine gets fulfilled.
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  4. I tend to keep an eye on the vinyl reddit pages for anything and I didn't see any concrete proof that it's just lost stock. The reason I assumed it was a repress was that there was a pre-order date of April I believe (if it was stock that just turned up, surely it would be available) and that when I tried to brute force their system it would still let me check out with 300 copies (I couldn't be arsed to go much further). It just seems that's a large amount to just find lying around.

    I'm keeping an eye in case it pops up a third time though.
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  5. Heya, I placed an order for UO since they’re doing 14% off everything today.

    Bought a bunch of:

    Khalid - Suncity
    Broods - Don’t Feed The Pop Monster
    Paramore - Riot!
    Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life
    Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

    Each is £20, then just pay postage on top (£4 UK, £9 EU). Shoot me a PM if you’re interested, any leftovers will just be thrown on Discogs.
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  6. Has the been any further update on the rumour of Madonna - Celebration receiving a re-release? I believe the rumoured release date was this week?
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  7. Nothing, I think either this has been pushed back due to Warner finding out nothing was happening with M14 in February, as it was rumoured we'd have something by now, OR, the Celebration reissue was completely fabricated for no good reason. OR, it's a Sainsbury's exclusive release and it'll drop this week out of the blue, but apparently this may be the yellow I'm Breathless vinyl next week.
  8. Please put me down for Baby thank you.
  9. We’ve had no official confirmation of either unfortunately, just random fan twitter accounts - I really hope Celebration is coming, I have a near pristine I’m Breathless already (though wouldn’t be averse to buying the yellow pressing, but not if it’s a hassle with Sainsbury’s limiteds etc)
  10. At this point I think it was just a rumour made up to wind up the fans, as it's probably her most highly sought after vinyl.
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  11. Watch the Sainsburys exclusive be a pastel blue coloured Remixed and Revisited, limited to 22 copies, available in...Livingston. And Swansea.
  12. It never crossed my mind I'd want this, but now I must have this.
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  13. Bitch, I W A N T to bop to Your Honesty on vinyl, then immediately afterwards write on here for the 924th time it should've been on Bedtime Stories
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  14. And I will always say
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  16. It worked though, didn't it.

  17. Actually, if I'm honest, I can absolutely see Remixed and Revisited being done for RSD in...say...2024.
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  18. As far as I'm aware they're only allowed to repress what's already been released on vinyl otherwise Madonna would veto it, so guessing Remixed & Revisited won't happen, but over the years the other 2 Japanese album picture discs, alongside the rest of the albums on colour will be reissued!
  19. We’ll get it instead of a career spanning box set.
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