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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  2. Also regarding RSD, you just know those Madonna releases will be on amazon the next day for £17 each, just like last year. That’s it, I’ve made up my mind, I’m not doing Record Store Day.
  3. Can we though? Unless Robyn gives you permission and hands over the masters, aren't you just pressing bootlegs?
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  4. That's just for Discogs's suggested price though. Sellers can make up their own price
  5. Oh I’m just referring to what Discogs values my collection.
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  6. *presses Samantha Mumba's album on vinyl*
    *house gets repossessed*
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  7. Whoa. I'm actually gutted by that Robyn tracklist?
  8. This morning I got an email from the Merchbar mailing list that they were having a promo for free international shipping. Did anyone else receive this?

    Anyways, I decided to order some things I have been holding off on getting for a while since typically their shipping is pretty expensive. So i went through the checkout, shipping was $0.00, placed the order, and then got a confirmation e-mail stating that I had been charged $20USD for shipping.

    I've ordered from them before with no issue, has anyone else had any trouble with them?
  9. I haven't because they don't ship to Greece but if anyone is thinking of putting an order and wants to get me ABRA (it's $18,50, I can PayPal you the money right now) and I'll pay the shipping and taxes to Greece, I'll be forever grateful.
  10. Recent additions:

    Kacey Musgraves - High Horse Remixes 10"
    JLo - Do It Well US 12"
    Rita Ora - Phoenix White 2LP

    Rough Trade in Shoreditch had Billie Eilish's EP on sale for like 11GBP and I am kicking myself for not getting it when I was there. Thankfully they still had Kacey!
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  11. They could use the 24-bit FLAC files?
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  12. The Body Talk vinyl suddenly feels less essential. Surprise us with a copy of Robyn on clear vinyl at Ally Pally instead?

    Love the idea of a box set of all three parts as well.
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  13. So my store made me a reservation for RSD (just like they did last year) and I reserved Robyn and the Lost In Transaltion soundtrack. I will get Madonna later on Amazon or that morning, but no need to reserve her.
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  14. That's amazing they let you do that, I imagine the majority of record shops aren't allowed to reserve RSD stock.
  15. None of them are, but, you know, Italy.
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  16. I hope the vinyl plays Spagna

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  17. mdl


    I thought it was only appropriate to share this again and listen to Time Machine, None Of Dem, We Dance to the Beat, Get Myself Together, In My Eyes and Stars 4-ever NONacousticversion on repeat.
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  18. It'd still be a bootleg.
  19. And would need a specific master for vinyl.
  20. I’m pretty sure there’s a company that presses custom vinyl that also handles that aspect as well. It’s incredibly expensive, though.
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