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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. I also think that coke bottle clear could’ve looked great with it as well.
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  2. Haven't posted pics in a while, so these are my recent purchases (thanks again @HeartSwells) -

  3. I've decided to part with my Born This Way box set (pictured below). I will likely go the eBay route, but wanted to check here first. I bought the set during the Gaga's Workshop days at Barneys and it's been opened. It has a little bit of shelf wear that was actually present when I unwrapped it, but I'm thinking of letting it go for around $250 USD. It has the poster and everything intact, the box just has some wear. Does that seem reasonable? Is anyone in the US interested? Shipping overseas might be prohibitively expensive....[​IMG]

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  4. $250 is a steal
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  5. Where did you get the TLC-Fanmail vinyl from?! They haven't reissued it as far as I'm aware?
  6. Discogs. An incredible seller from Japan had a "near mint" copy.
  7. Same happened to me, ugh!!
  8. So there’s a new Tycho album and they’re letting you submit images for your own one of a kind custom artwork which is quite cool.

    If you’re into them there’s also a Dinked edition (mentioned this in the past I think, basically a bunch of UK indies coming together) on pink vinyl and comes with a signed print, ltd to 350. Tiny pressing compared to their last album which was 10,000!
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  10. I'm never buying anything issued in a PVC sleeve again, or at least not unsealed ones. Both times I bought them (one was a Goldfrapp 7" and another the Little Boots debut album) they came... greasy and generally unsightly. Don't these people know how to store their records? And would it kill manufacturers to add a little flap to the PVC sleeve so dust doesn't get in?
  11. Most of my picture discs sound okay, not amazing but I’ve got worse plain standard pressings. They can be cute, I fuck with ‘em sometimes.

    I mean I dunno what set up anyone has here but it does make me laugh when other people online complain about picture discs while playing their copy of Born To Die off a LP-60/Crosley.
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  12. Would you recommend removing picture discs from the sleeves they come in?
    I normally replace the inner sleeves with the lined inner sleeves I bought on ebay. Just to keep them as safe as possible. But I never did with the picture discs.
  13. If it’s a PVC sleeve, definitely. Otherwise it’ll cause something called “misting” on the surface of the record, which can render it unplayable
  14. The thick PVC jackets tend to emit some sort of gas that can end up damaging and discolouring the vinyl inside, so I think anyone concerned about that tends to change them - I’ve also seen more and more picture discs in sleeves instead of PVC to combat this too.

    Then again the original sleeve might have some hype stickers or something else printed on it, so the decision is yours really. I’d keep the original sleeve for keepsakes but stick it in another.
  15. Honestly I’m not even sure what they’re in, I assume they’re PVC sleeves. Mariah’s Butterfly and Kacey’s Golden Hour.
  16. The clear sleeves are PVC
  17. Not all clear sleeves are (least to my knowledge), e.g. the thin clear plastic wallets you put jackets in are safe to use, you just don’t have a flap. My Golden Hour picture disc came in PVC, so check the feel of that - you can usually tell if it’s PVC as it’s got that thick but bendable feel to it.
  18. I’ve only ever seen PVC sleeves for picture discs. Are there examples of the other ones?
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