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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  2. You fucker, I really want a copy of this!
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  3. @HeartSwells are VMP still doing a swap for the record of the month? Could you sign up, swap your months record to CrazySexyCool, then purchase Fanmail on top? Or can you only swap for certain things?
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    Sometimes VMP exclusives sell out very fast, even though it’s 1000. I’ve got a feeling this will be one of those.
  5. VMP has really sucked lately. Releases are routinely delayed. Don’t even get me started on the Weyes Blood mess I’m currently in with them. And they’re closing their forums because they can’t handle negative feedback.
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  6. Is it just me or can you find a monthly pass? It's wanting me to choose 3 months at over $100 dollars, and that's without getting the TLC vinyl. Went through to the payment part and it said that monthly subscriptions aren't allowed as part of the offer!
  7. A blue repress of Gaga's 'The Fame' will be available at Fnac June 7th.
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  8. Hopefully a pressing of The Fame Monster on standard vinyl isn’t too far behind.
  9. Thanks for posting. I don’t have The Fame on vinyl so this is a must for me.
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  10. I finally installed my frames after having them since 2016:


    Now that this home is lowkey permanent for the time being I felt comfortable drilling into the wall. And the records easily slide out so I can swap them out as much as I want, so there's that.
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  11. I really just have to appreciate the TASTE.
    Living for the American Life stanning - glad someone sees its genius.
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  12. Do you have a source / link to pre-order? I can't find anything about it. Thanks!
  13. Thanks boo! It may very well be my favorite of all of her albums - it contains "Nothing Fails" which has marked so much of my life.
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  14. With both versions of the artwork please (on the front and back).

    Probably not gonna happen but I loved that digipak with the gold font too:
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  15. I’ve actually been talking to some people about this for the past few months, so we’ll see what happens.
  16. BLESS YOU.

    Either way, I knew I was right to hold up buying these for a while. Something was bound to come along.
  17. Can’t decide if I want Britney... half the album is still amazing, half the album I ... never listen to.

    Definitely going to scoop up In The Zone & Blackout. Not sure about Circus.
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  18. I mean, their 'friend' could just be a cashier - but with 3 released in quite quick succession I think it's a given that they will be releasing her discography.
    I just wonder if a Britney Jean vinyl (if they go that far) would have the same Arial font back-cover & spine. For some reason I kind of would love it to have the same Hold On Tite & (Deluxe Edition ) typos.
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