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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. The Amazon tracklist for Control: The Remixes matches the Spotify one so I guess it's a new version containing tracks from all three versions:

    I've also seen this mockup - I hope it's the standard version:

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  2. Britney is back up on UO and is listed as having 1001 copies left.
  3. Thank the lord! I wanted to buy a second copy.
  4. Really cute of Janet and Britney to issue their discographies when I am beyond broke. Do we think Britney's will be available again anywhere else?
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  5. I don't think In The Zone is coming today.
  6. It’s as if wild assumptions based on the dates of previous releases might not hold water!
  7. As much as I want In The Zone, I’m kind of glad it didn’t pop up the same day as five Janet reissues.
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  8. mdl


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  9. Whenever I see your name pop up in my notifications, I'm usually mentally preparing myself to seethe with envy over your latest find but this is one that I actually have in my own grubby mitts!
  10. Wait @mdl did I buy Rihanna's Anti from you this week ddd?
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  11. I’m not sure if the description is up on Amazon yet, but MusicVaultz has the Rhythm Nation album as silver LPs.

    AND the ‘All for You’ listed as picture discs.
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  12. For any Canadian members - they’re listed on a amazon Canada now for only CDN$24.96... and I have a feeling that’s going to change quickly.
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  13. mdl


    And it’s sold out so congrats!
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  14. mdl


    Ha, I think u did, hope it arrives soon!
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  15. I thought it was just me
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  16. Double LPs for only $25? Let me snatch them all up then.
  17. Exactly what I did.
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