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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. I received mine today well packaged as well!

    Let me just say how happy I am to have these iconic Britney albums and their covers on vinyl. These albums truly were a huge part of my childhood and having them now displayed this way is genuinely awesome. Bring on In The Zone and the rest!
  2. Hey everyone, just a quick update with Britney.

    I did send them a picture of the damaged records, you can view them here. I’ve tried to show them from their worst angle, it’s sorta difficult to show pictures of bumps when they’re already in shrink wrap, but you’ll be able to see the level of damage (personally most I would class as minimal).

    Got a reply on Thursday evening saying they’ll be in touch in 24-48 business hours so hopefully will get a response today or tomorrow, sounds like it’s being escalated.

    If they don’t send replacements I’ll send out the current ones; if they do send replacements I’ll wait to receive them before sending out your records. Away in Madeira at the moment so I won’t be sending anything out this week either way, thanks for being patient xx
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  3. Ddd innit. It would only take 30 minutes to draft a press release.
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  4. I’ve received records in much worse condition from TheSoundOfVinyl / Universal artist stores and they’re coming from the same country!
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  5. Where are the Janet vinyl cheaper? Also, I wonder if janet. is really coming this Friday.
  6. Went to order another copy of Britney and it shows that it's sold out again ugh...

    It actually says "Back in stock" and "Sold Out".

  7. I’m completely addicted to LGBD (again) after getting the vinyl.

    Goddamn, I don’t seem to have learned....
  8. me too. i listened to LGBD non stop when i got the vinyl. It was such a beautiful album
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  9. Yeah this is a little frustrating. As much as I adore them all I'd rather not have two copies of each. But I'm paranoid that if I cancel my normal order and the colour ones don't come out, that the others will then sell out.
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  10. aux


    My poor wallet at these Janet reissues.
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  11. The only Cardigans album I didn't buy is Emmerdale because 1.) the artwork 2.) I'm not into their sound from the first album. Long Gone Before Daylight was a nice treat because I'd never heard it before, I love it.

    Also, I'm so glad we're getting The Velvet Rope and All for You, but I hope we get Damita Jo.
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  12. I'm sure they'll announce Damita Jo any moment now, as I just bought a copy of the original pressing last week.
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  13. I’m not overly keen on their first 2 albums. But the string of First Band On The Moon, Gran Turismo, Long Gone Before Daylight and Super Extra Gravity is pretty damn perfect.
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  14. Legit just bout to post this! Indies on pink vinyl too.
  15. aux


    32 copies left of the Dinked Edition so act fast if you want a copy!
  16. Dinked editions are held by a number of UK based indie stores, so if they sell out on Banquet give other ones like Piccadilly Records, Resident, Norman Records, etc, a go. There’s a list of participating stores on the dinked website.

    nn it’s basically every UK indie except Rough Trade. I guess the girls were sick of them hogging all the exclusives.
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  17. Does anyone know if the Kindness prints are like hand-signed or printed signature?
  18. Doubt it’s printed!
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