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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  2. mdl


  3. I wanna know what the blue/white haze looks like. I have no qualms ordering from the UK store if need be. I think the VMP variant is kind of ugly. Dddd.
  4. Okay but the Shrek 1 & 2 soundtracks are actually incredible.
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  5. My tiny local record store got one copy of ‘Madame X’ and they’re holding it over for me for tommorow. I’m super excited! Still shame it’s not the blonde cover though.
  6. Ten songs, double vinyl, ugh.
  7. and one of the ten is a remix!
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  8. The HMV/Fopp sale is pretty good.

    Hole - Live Through This (£10)
    Laura Marling - Alas I Cannot Swim (£8)
    Years and Years - Palo "Twink Snapped" Santo (£13)

    That'll do, pig, that'll do.
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  9. Praying for a gem stone color variant
  10. Is this pre-order gonna charge me immediately cause... rude
  11. Probs. They were good about cancelling orders when Number 1 Angel and Pop 2 were released though, just in case it pops up elsewhere cheaper/different variant.
  12. Since it doesn't say exclusive or anything, I'm assuming the one on Amazon is also clear.
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  14. Listening to Madame X for the first time on my record player. Bliss!
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  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Can someone hyperlink the Amazon link for Charli? It's not popping up in their results.
  16. Spyro purple yassssss
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  17. Janet's coloured aren't on Amazon?
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