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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. The back is pretty bare bones and the picture is slightly pixelated, too.
  2. I have actually been considering selling my copy (played once or twice), so if you're interested something can be arranged!
  3. Her social channels and UO are still advertising it as being clear -- as recently as today. I wonder if maybe clear was limited to 2,500 and purple came after? Has anyone seen a clear one yet?
  4. Oh, lemme know how much you are wanting. I have found a couple of copies for a bit over what I want to pay....

    Also apologies for clogging up the thread!
  5. Clear was a perfect fit for Goldfrapp’s Silver Eye and Charli’s Pop 2, though.

    But you know what’s extremely underrated? Translucent colored vinyl. The UO edition of Lana’s Honeymoon in clear red, and LP1 of the UO edition of Ultraviolence in clear blue? WHEW.
  6. i just got the SBIT mint vinyl was surprised at how wellmade it is although the color is definitely not mint. it more in teal area

  7. I thought all copies of Honeymoon (at least in the US) were red translucent(?) The UO Ultraviolence colors were both absolutely stunning though.
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  9. I was expecting the Janet variants to pop up on her website as an exclusive for the US (like the red Control), but I figured they’d be up by now.
  10. The translucent pink version of Music for Men from the gossip is pretty stunning to be fair.
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  12. Translucent vinyl is always better. It just feels awesome to hold in your hands and it feels well made.

    Opaque vinyl just feels like a big dod of plastic, especially if they've used some godawful shade of a colour about a hundred shades removed from any Pantone colour actually used on the album artwork.
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  13. The way this whole rollout has been handled is bizarre. Janet hasn’t even acknowledged these new releases, but Control got a random promo spot on The Talk and some social media posts
  14. The standard black Madame X vinyl is £16.50 for UK Amazon prime'rs this evening, if you still need to add it to your collection.
  15. The Madame X box set was down to £28 earlier and a seethed a little bit.
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  16. I'm fuming that I missed this deal!
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  17. No idea what the repress will be like but I listened to half of my original Velvet Rope the other day and it sounded absolutely stunning. Doing first listens through all the records I’ve owned for a while and not been able to play, and that was definitely one of the best. (Another which sounded stunning was the Felt Mountain white vinyl - looking forward to the rest of those Goldfrapp reissues a lot tbh)
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  18. Uh, I’m trying this instagram vinyl account thing, mainly because I like detailing stories about the origin (either how I got into ‘em, or where I bought it from).

    Follow if want (and let me know if you have your own account) xx

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