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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Just received my In The Zone vinyl in Lisbon. It sounds amazing Thanks @HeartSwells for your work ☺️
  2. I couldn't partake in the group buy this time so I missed out on In The Zone but managed to snatch a copy on ebay for £38 (the clownery I know but also cheaper than I've seen most other listings). Came today and have to say the cover is gorgeous in person.
  3. HMV exclusive.

    £29.99... not sure what FNAC had it as but thought it was between £20-£25.
  4. HMV are TRYING it with these prices.

    Saying this I still paid that extra £4 for the blue version of Norman Fackin Rockwell in there today. I've got my clown dress on tonight.
  5. Ordered this and the white Spice, I don’t mind paying a bit more to support HMV if a couple of batches of exclusives every year help keep them afloat!
  6. Daydream vinyl delivered. The sound quality is beautiful.
    The gold foil on the front cover is a nice touch too. Really gives it a classy touch.
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  7. Some perhaps interesting news - Roxane Gay posted about attending the Metamorphosis show on Twitter and was sent Janet's albums on vinyl by Universal. All the latest re-issues plus Discipline. Maybe it will be next - though it could have just been a spare copy.
  8. This Best Of Hannah Montana vinyl is iconic tbh
  9. Singular Act 1 & 2 out (separately) on October 11th, it seems.
  10. Another picture disc reissue of Golden Hour... this time a Target exclusive.

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  11. The original will always be the best.
  12. All these ugly picture discs when if they just released a shiny rainbow/foil-effect of the original I'd be there in a gay heartbeat.
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  13. Interesting they're not going with the two EPs on one vinyl route but will be pre ordering when this pops up in the UK. I asked Sabrina about this a month or so ago and I'm so happy she came through!!
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  14. is NFR Blue vinyl still avaible anywhere?
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  16. I saw a dozen in jbhifi this afternoon... but that’s in Oz.
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  17. Some HMV stores still have stock.
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  19. Banquet, Resident and Rough Trade all still have them available (Rough Trade is on pre-order for some reason...).
  20. Prefer you to the vinyl. Cute!

    I've just been told my vinyl has apparently arrived at home, thanks once again @HeartSwells
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