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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Maybe we'll finally get the non-limited no foil cover!!!
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  2. Kicking myself for the years I didn’t buy Artpop on vinyl originally. Less coin tossed R.Kelly’s way I suppose...
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  3. Sis... the first pressing vanished the day she announced the song's erasure. It has been going for 100USD+ for a while now. I managed to get one of the last few reasonably priced copies mere days before it happened.
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  4. I know, I know... I meant even more!
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  5. I've filled 8 Kallax cubes with 12"s. I thought I'd feel proud but instead I feel annoyed that I'm going to have to spend money on more storage instead of vinyl!
  6. The UO vinyls are arriving
  7. You literally still can get ARTPOP on vinyl here in Australia for $40, kii.
  8. Yeah, but a 4-square Kallax costs the same as a vinyl.
  9. Also, came home and finally, this was waiting for me:
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  10. Yeah I got mine today, but not had a chance to open it. The Resident Music packaged it very well, the vinyl looks increased so bonus.
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  11. The neon pink has arrived for some people too. It looks better tee bee eich
  12. Oh, I'm glad I ordered the hot pink. It actually fits the album art and the mood, that pastel pink swirl isn't it.
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  13. Pink swirl looks like brains which I love/fits the Halloween theme way better than hot pink.
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  14. My Black Cherry purple LP just shipped, but mess at it not being tracked. There was only one shipping option, I would have gladly paid more to ensure tracking. I hope it makes its way here safely.
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  15. Really? I didn't get an email yet...
  16. The neon pink looks gorgeous.
  17. The shade
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