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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Thanks!!
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  2. A French Britney store has Blackout on pre-order already. Apparently it is coming on October 31st!
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  3. GIRLS
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  5. The breakneck speed that I ran to that site when I saw “vinyle-blackout” in the link
  6. 7FB19035-BBAB-4E72-92CF-2AD7E1A02A1F.jpeg My Maxwell Embrya double white vinyl came today and it is possibly the most beautiful piece of vinyl I own. The 12” booklet inside was a surprise. Stunning all round.
    Proof again he is the most beautiful man alive.

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  7. You would stan an album named after your type of men!
  8. Scream!!
    You better don’t sis.
    My bloke turns 30 in jan.
    6 years deep.
    Time to trade.
    My inbox is open.
  9. I've got a $5 UO Reward ready to go so @Urban Outfitters

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  10. That’s so great for some people that they’re going to release the previous albums on clear but can they please hurry up with the Blackout pre-order before my 20 percent off coupon expires.
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  11. Do we think Blackout might be up for preorder tomorrow at 10 as well? Or is that tweet just referring to new stock of the older albums?
  12. I took the tweet to mean that if you missed the last ones, you’re not going to want to miss the Blackout pre-order.
  13. You know damn well they'll announce it when no promos are running and then put up a free shipping or 30% off offer up as soon as it sells out
  14. thats how I took it too... bring it on.
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  15. I’m ready! I want the Blackout vinyl to be black. Periodt.
  16. UO's troll asses tripping everyone up with their phrasing is a scream.
  17. Daydream turned up today, also sadly with seam splits on the outer and inner sleeves.

    In other news, I fucking can't at the address for the DHL centre that handles this in the UK:

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