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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. £7.99
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  2. Sorry that I haven’t replied to anyone asking for copies of Blackout after we shut up shop, there will likely be some spare but I’m holding off on reserving these in case issues arise.

    Basically anyone who isn’t on the list, please wait until after I’ve shipped them out and can see how many we have left! I’ll likely be able to fulfil all the extras, but just being cautious.

    Cheers xx
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  3. Found myself a brand-new, sealed copy of the 2LP Born to Die off Amazon US Prime. Only $35.
  4. I tried to order through the hmv online shop and it shows it only delivers to UK?
  5. I... want this?
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  6. It's been like that for a few years now.
  7. I always point this out to customers when they're buying Paradise - it's advertised in a very misleading way.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Same! It’s quite annoying teebs.

    I went into work today and there’s so many great offers I’m actually stunned! Got Haim’s Something To Tell You for £9, CHVRCHES’ debut for £12 and Janet’s Rhythm Nation for £15 - iconic! Just missed out on 1975’s 2nd though which is only £13!
  9. I went looking for the deluxe vinyl of "Born to Die" in the US (some local stores in NYC/Hoboken) and they only had the 12 track edition. Had to snag it off Amazon. it'll be here thursday. The only ones I don't have for her are Ultraviolence or Honeymoon. I only liked a few song on UV and Honeymoon was just so forgettable to me.
  10. aux


  11. Ew @ that title
  12. You should definitely give Honeymoon another chance (and Ultraviolence too, for that matter), there are quite a few gems on it!
  13. "Cruel World" & "Shades of Cool" remain JAMs for me. And the "West Coast" radio mix remains one of my top 5/top 10 ever from her, but IDK. Maybe. We'll see if I have a gloomy afternoon lol. I did like when she did "Music to Watch Boys..." at the Lust for Life show but I went to get a beer when she did "Pretty When You Cry" at the latest NFR! tour. .... oh well.
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  14. Back into HMV I went today, got Golden Hour for £10 and Madame X hadn’t been marked down but I checked at the till and it went through for £15! Also sorry to be that HMV bitch, but the sales assistant told me that *next* Monday, they were adding loads more titles to the sale, which is good as it’s after my payday ddd. Said nothing would be reduced further but there was almost double the titles of today going on sale!
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  15. Yaaasss!

  16. Wow HMV said fuck homosexual lives
  17. I keep forgetting we share HMV’s now - I need to go with you after payday!
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    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The dual function of this GIF choice
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