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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. My Blackout has arrived, I am screaming with joy @HeartSwells

    That album cover blown up is even worse (somehow) but the vinyl is gorgeous.
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  2. Let me join in on the @HeartSwells love-in - got home this evening to find my Britney and Destiny's Child LPs waiting for me! Thanks so much for all the effort you put into these groupbuys. Truly a king amongst men!
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  3. They take forever with non-members, at least both times I ordered something from them, they took at least 10/15 days.
  4. Someone was selling a copy of the white Erotica reissue for $30 and I missed it. That being said... if anyone has one
  5. After the Janet price crash in HMV I have now officially become a Janet stan. The power of a sale.
  6. My blackout arrived today! @HeartSwells Thanks you so much!

    I agree with @smellycat regarding the artwork. Brit looks low quality and grainy
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  7. Céline Dion’s Courage to be released on vinyl

  8. ‘Blackout’ received. Thank you @HeartSwells !!!

    My other most recently received vinyl was the Halloween soundtrack with the scary af artwork and orange/black splatter. I love it!
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  9. Y'all use the PM function
  10. The Idler Wheel is up, open to the public too, not limited so expecting it to hang around like their pressing of Mariah. Pawn... expected "soon".

    Their pressing of Grimes' new album is on red too, ltd to 1000. I know the pink works better but I quite like the bold colour and it's rarer etc etc.

  11. Also got my Blackout copies in the mail today, that was fast actually! Again, thank you @HeartSwells for all the work you do for us!
  12. Thank you! Ordered the Fiona. Gonna go with the translucent pink for Grimes - I just like it better all around.
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  13. Maybe when it's 90% discount.
  14. Yeah, I appreciate the album. But I have an original pressing in pristine condition and I'm not a fan of the translucent yellow (reminds me of piss).
  15. I don’t get the hate.
  16. I have an old copy that I got in a Madonna job lot and just use it to play “Vogue” like any gay should.
  17. Yeah, I was expecting a solid yellow and I thought that would work well with the album, but I don't think the translucent looks great.
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  18. it looks great to me

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  19. It does look much better in that second post you embedded, presumably because it's against a white background rather than the front cover. I tend to prefer solid colour on records in general so I'm sure that'll be playing into my thoughts as well.
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