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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. A live album is on the way nn
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  2. Clairo after getting up to change sides for twelve 7" singles:


    joke stolen from @strangekin
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    I've been meaning to ask is that Jojo Siwa in the gif with Billie??
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  4. It's... not.
  5. It is some random fan playing the Nintendo Switch of Just Dance. See at 2:40.

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  6. Billie watching her fans buy her album for the 45th time.
  7. That's high key the best artist-fan interaction ever?
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. Circus shipped.

  10. Circus and I'm Breathless Yellow shipping on the same day, GayPopJustice?
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  11. So I waited nervously for like a month for my Blackout vinyl to be shipped, it finally shipped last week and today I got an email from UO said that the cargo truck which contained my order has been STOLEN and the police is looking into it! WTFFFF!!!!!!!!!!! has it happended to any of you before???
  12. Damn, sis...
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  13. I was procrastinating and fiddling around with the Vinyl Me Please cart, about 20 secs away from completing my order when the clock struck 12 and the 30% off code became invalid right before my eyes. When you do clownery...
  14. I was only going to use it to buy the VMP version of Pang, but decided there was no reason to since I'm buying the gold version. I was so excited about The Idler Wheel... last week that I bought it then, & that's how they make clowns out of us.
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  15. At least it had 15% off in that first week - better than waiting until now!

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    Wig to be honest
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  17. Those Britney fans will do anything...
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