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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. nn I just reordered all my recent buys and got them to cancel my previous orders. Bought 8 records but the discount, exchange rate and free international shipping made it worth it.
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  2. Go call the police, go call the governor
  3. My response to UO would be:
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  4. Got Roisin Murphy's Overpowered and Bjork's new 12" single in the HMV offer, used a £10 purehmv voucher too so only ended up paying £22 for them both!
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  5. aux


    I think they mistakenly had a copy of Avril Lavigne's Head Above Water for £10, and with the discount applied, I paid like £7 for it. Still a bit much for the album, but I wanted it nn
  6. their response to me was to wait because they are dealing with the cargo company. They will inform me when they reach a solution with their partner. I'd better get one from discog before the price go through the roof
  7. Can everyone who messaged me originally about missing Blackout send another PM? I reckon I’ve got enough to fulfil those requests and help @ateensfan (if you’re in the UK/EU).

    Anyone who hasn’t received their copy of Blackout can shoot me a PM too and we can double check tracking (for non-UK folk) to make sure it’s still on it’s way.
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  8. Circus just arrived and it’s gorgeous
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  9. im in Asia, can u send one to Vietnam?
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  10. I was concerned that my Circus vinyl didn’t dispatch at the same time as the rest of y’all, plus I was charged the day I Pre-ordered, then the transaction completely disappeared from my bank transactions until I was charged again yesterday. Now I’m stressing hoping the courier containing my copy doesn’t get stolen.
  11. Forgot to mention but Black Friday titles were put online on most of the big UK indies today, can’t see many Katy Perry but Banquet still have a bunch of Lizzo EPs.

    Yep that’s fine, I’ll get in touch with people tomorrow.
  12. I'm guessing mine will be sent off when Ashlee Simpson arrives? Might as well bundle Circus in with them if it saves the postage.
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  13. You are a god!! Thank you!!
  14. No black friday deals, gerls?
  15. Urban Outfitters has $10 off $50/$50 off $150/$75 off $200. So with my $20 off I already get for being silver tier - I got 6 vinyls for $110 CDN - including the Great Gatsby soundtrack which runs $50 regular. Not bad at all.
  16. Anyone used Sound of Vinyl recently? Do they... ever ship what you've ordered?
  17. Never really had any issues, they might be on backorder for a while but they’ve all eventually come through.
  18. I'm still waiting on the Fleetwood Mac colour variants to ship (they had a Black Friday release date) but I've always found them to be pretty good otherwise.
  19. SO mad that I forgot to submit my payment for Daydream.
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