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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. The duet version of From This Moment is a fucking travesty
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  2. There's a duet version?
  3. Yep, the version on the original ‘country’ Come On Over album

  4. Oh dear.
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  5. Got these two vinyls as Xmas gifts (from me to me):


  6. God yes. The international mixes are way better too
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  7. I'd say just get the preamp, to make your life easy. Unless you intend to keep your turntable for decades and upgrade it piece-by-piece.
  8. I got the grey-coloured Late Night Feelings for £15 today!

    From an independent shop
  9. 7EE4E8E8-1EC5-4D1E-9B2B-4F6EA513A249.jpeg DF467A21-7782-4997-BDCB-8B24CCBD3FA3.jpeg 91380351-4BB4-4E55-95DA-7D235948A20B.jpeg
    Came back from Stockholm with all these babies including my most favorite Mariah song ever!
  10. Pat


    Also hoping they will press Baby One More Time with the European/international cover sometime.
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  12. Just got my Idler Wheel !!
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  13. I truly detest the US cover.
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  14. Britney is on it and there’s a pic of her on the inner sleeve as well... I know.
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  15. You thinking I don't know this... sis, I am a

  16. When Britney was the fourth member of Destiny’s Child for What’s Going On....iconic
  17. One for ya early ‘00s electro gherls...

  18. An International 'Come On Over' would be brilliant. The duet version of From This Moment On is horrendous.
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  19. Thanks for posting this! They had loads in my local store so I picked up a copy.
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  20. Send a vinyl prayer for me. My entire Madonna collection, several Lana, Rihanna, George Michael and MJ records I collected over a decade are missing from my family home. I think these were accidentally donated by my dad when doing a clean up. Hoping they’re in storage
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