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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. My latest UO order arrived including mutiple copies of Circus. All of them damaged with seam splits, creases, holes and tears. Happy new year UO!
  2. Mabel is now 4 quid. Dddddd
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  3. Mine arrived today in the post! Thanks for posting about this!
  4. Yes thanks again - I got mine two days ago!
    Suddenly I feel scammed having paid £6 for it.
  5. I feel scammed at paying £4 for the regular vinyl
  6. I feel scammed importing it from Urban Outfitters US at full price dddd
  7. I only like Mad Love and Don’t Call Me Up, but £4... I just couldn’t resist.
  8. I kinda want Mabel for 4 quid but can't be arsed (dd) with the shipping.
  9. Sia's We Are Born is currently £13.99 on Amazon. Annoyingly, Some People Have Real Problems is almost twice that.
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  10. Just, like...take the Easyjet to Stansted, go to UO and go home again. It'll probably be cheaper ddddd
  11. Mabel sold out.
  12. Sugababes fans when she started releasing bops and not moody songs about her city.
  13. And all it took was a couple dips in the bargain bin.
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  14. Just got my No Devotion vinyl. Relieved as it was hard to find due to the... strange downfall of Collect Records.
  15. The completist finally got the best of me, and it has come time that I finally must buy a copy of MDNA... sigh.

    If anyone has any ideas of where to get it for a non-extortionate price, let me know! I’d rather not spend $100+ on this.
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  16. ^ I always feel so jammy that I got it for £18 a few years back.
  17. I really want to get the Charli XCX mixtape vinyls but I came around way too late and I checked eBay and.......yeah.
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