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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. I was gonna order the coloured copies of Lil Kim, Christine and the Queens and Bon Iver with them at the end of the month but.. let me rethink that.
  2. I ordered Daydream from Vinyl Me, Please and it actually arrived a day sooner. The mailer's that they use are really shit, but the sleeve itself was undamaged and in good shape. Can't wait to play it!
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  3. I never had any problem with the VMP mailers, they do the job pretty well (especially when yodel don’t leave them in the pouring rain!). Never had any issues with their service in general when I was a member, but oh my they’ve been having a poopshow the last couple of months.
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  4. Shade. And because I can.
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  5. Can't wait
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  6. aux


    Oh shit, I didn’t see this. I’m most likely buying that when it comes out, one of my favourite Britney records.
  7. I'm pretty sure no one has confirmed Femme Fatale unless I've missed it but I check this thread every day so...
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  8. I did mention before that I had heard directly from a friend who works at Urban that Femme Fatale was confirmed and that it would be coming out in March.

    Unless plans changed but they usually announce it close to the release. Maybe we’ll hear something in February.

    PS. He was right when he told me that Circus was coming out in December long before it was announced.
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  9. Okay turns out I probably did see your post about it. How could I forget such important information?
  10. I wasn't throwing direct shade @ multiple-copy buyers earlier, especially when those copies...are actually played. I'm talking more about those that I see on ATRL that will purchase literally any variant...just to have. Yo, just look on my Discogs, I literally have multiple variants of CD's (EDEN'S CRUSH + PCD) and very few vinyls, but that's because of bonus tracks, a differing track placement on the physical discs, copies gifted to me... etc. I just can't imagine hunting the same standard 12-track album on seven different colors only to be left on a shelf after a single Instagram post. Everyone's bank account is different and that's undeniable... but at some point it's less about listening and more about having. And those ATRL users demonstrate it so...unnervingly.
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  11. Hey, if you are an avid collector and want every variant of something, no one's going to drag you for being a huge fan, at least not seriously.
    It's the "oh there are only going to be 50 copies of this ever and I'm buying 3 just in case or I'm buying a second one to pay for the first one by gouging someone else" types. You can tell when something's going to insanely rare, don't be a douchenozzle.
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  12. Secured my Slayyyter refund and bought Honey and Melodrama with the cash instead. Expecting those plus a slew of Ari the next few weeks, exciting!
  13. I just want my Tidal copy from VMP
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  14. I still can't believe I finally own The Idler Wheel on vinyl. I've been wanting it for years -- even almost shelled out $200 for a copy on eBay a few months ago. Thank God I waited.
  15. Has yours been sent out yet? I finally got my shipment notification last week almost two months after I ordered it.
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  16. VMP serving PledgeMusic.
  17. Surely all the good vibes will tide you over!
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  18. Have u listened to the album
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  19. Me buying Tidal in 1996 on the back of a few “this is similar to Jagged Little Pill” reviews.
  20. Ah, it was a nod to the amount of “good vibes” VMP have been sending out in their mea culpa emails.
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