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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. PS I’ll grab you a Molina if they go up available to buy as extras for Society members.
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  2. You’re a hero!
  3. Told ya so
  4. I realise this is the longest shot in the history of longshots, but does anyone have a copy of Private - My Secret Lover they'd be willing to part with?
  5. I was just in HMV and the shop attendant was putting WAS £33.99, NOW £24.99 sale stickers on Vampire Weekend’s new album which was already priced at £24.99. How is that a sale?! When exactly was it £33.99? In one store in Wales for the month of October?
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  6. Therein lies your main problem.
  7. I checked this last week because I was thinking the same as you and it's been £33.99 since May
  8. I paid £22.99 for mine on Amazon.

    ...and they wonder why people shop online?
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  10. I've seen the same MoV release being sold out comments elsewhere but, Music on Vinyl don't have any direct sales from their website. < About £10 cheaper than Amazon. Cheapest UK record store price I've been able to find. My copy's already arrived. Sticker says "1000 copies" but I can't see it numbered anywhere. Lovely colour. What an album.
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  11. That shop's a bit hit and miss. They couldn't deliver Charli way back when and now my copy of Moloko's Statues has been 'preparing' since December 27th, whatever that means. Good prices though.
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  13. I’m a bit cautious with What Records, the last time I bought from them, 2 weeks after purchase they emailed saying the vinyl wasn’t in stock and they would continue to try and find stock. They never got back to me and never refunded me, so thanks for the reminder, I’ll be chasing them for this refund now!
  14. I want So Real and self-titled on vinyl, but Mandy would be the first to shut that shit down.
  15. I wish they went with peach, orange, beige, etc. Give me those gentle tones. Silver usually looks too cold and harsh.
  16. Really? That's no good. I only order from them 2-3 times a year at most because I'm usually buying directly from the band, Amazon, or Piccadilly Records as that's my local; but I've never had any problems. They were a good £20-30 cheaper than everyone else when I bought Kraftwerk's 3-D DER KATALOG 9LP from them in ... 2017-odd.
  17. I love Piccadilly Records, a good half of my record collection is from there. I won't be too harsh on What Records as I've also got some good stuff from there in the past, and they are usually quite good when it comes to sales.
  18. My Melodrama vinyl came and the packaging is gorgeous. The sleeves, the photos, the brilliant royal blue record. I was worried it would sound muddy after reading some reviews on Discogs but it sounds great.

    The fact that Hard Feelings and Loveless are split between sides was a bit weird at first ddd. But I guess it starts the side B on a light hearted note before delving into 3 incredibly affecting songs in a row.
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