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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. You spoke tea on that one
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  3. It was a one off alongside “Flicker”

    Got the gold edition! I don’t really get the appeal of clear variants.
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  4. 48BB2150-34DF-43D2-8BF0-8711E505207F.jpeg My friend came from Berlin and brought me this magazine exclusive 7”, did you guys know about it? It’s cute.
  5. Yeah it’s a nightmare to order.
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  6. The new Sonikku album is being released on mint green vinyl


    1. Let The Light In - feat. Douglas Dare
    2. WKND - feat. LIZ
    3. Don't Wanna Dance With You - feat. Aisha Zoe
    4. Sweat - feat LIZ
    5. X Hopeless Romantic - feat. Little Boots
    6. Remember To Forget Me - feat. Chester Lockhart
    7. Joyful Death - feat. Tyler Matthew Oyer
    8. Remember 2 Forget Me (Piano Version) - feat. Douglas Dare
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  8. Oh my god
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  9. I bought a 12" of Too Lost In You on Discgos for 50p because I was buying a Caught in A Moment 12" promo from the same seller and shipping would stay the same, also Who on vinyl. It stated "minor pen marks" on the cover and it turns out someone has given poor Heidi a beard and moustache. Was this one of you?
  10. I don’t think Keisha is on here tbh
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  12. Just picked up PCD in the bargain bin at the UO sale for $5. Sometimes it pays to wait!
  13. Which UO did you go to? I went to the 2 on Oxford Street on Friday and they didn’t seem to have any vinyl on sale. Unless the sale ended on Thursday ddd
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  14. Bluewater, although they had maybe four vinyls on sale and shoved in the back of the store.
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  15. Paris is getting a ‘limited edition’ pressing on ‘maroon and blonde marbled vinyl’ by Real Gone Music (they did a pink pressing of Burlesque a few months back if anyone can attest to the quality of that?).

    It’s on Amazon UK, out April 10th.
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  17. fuck my pussy with a rake mom
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