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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Ordered too! Thanks!
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  2. Just a heads up - this now appears to only be available through third party sellers. Hopefully all of our orders still get honoured!
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  3. For all the Raw Like Sushi Amazon UK people, you'll notice they accidentally swapped the CD & vinyl prices, but the vinyl box set may also show the CD tracklist, so here's hoping we get wax.
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  4. The gold vinyl I bought was such a let down that I'm enjoying yall scamming them.
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  5. I brought it off Amazon when i seen the post on here and it said there was only 2 copies left, I obviously got 1 so is it possible they just sold out of that stock? I'm not sure how these things work so i could be wrong
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  7. The red fits the cover the most but the Splatter is more unique (& more ‘limited’)
  8. How was it a let down?
  9. one more: PURPLE from HMV
    What the hell is 1921 series?

  10. Quick search shows a couple of titles with hand numbered obi-strips, so I guess these will have that too.
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  11. It has no insert with credits, like 0.
    The original had an insert with scribbles, photos and credits.
    Also the original had a brill photo of Neneh in the back jacket, this is plain white.
    So bare bones.
  12. aux


    I think I’ll be getting this one. I don’t think I own any purple vinyl.
  13. I just found:
    The 1921 Series, named after the year the first hmv store opened its doors, is a new vinyl range available exclusively at hmv that will offer limited collector's editions of the biggest and best vinyl releases, with some extra goodies included too. Each 1921 Series vinyl release will be limited and numbered, and in the case of The Who's new album you get some extra tracks thrown in for good measure.
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  15. There’s no US retailer for this version, is there?
  16. Doesn't look like it as this only delivers to the UK.
  17. Anyone know if if the Grimes Vinyl is more limited on White or Pink? i'm thinking white (i only want one copy)
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