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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. I don't know, but Vinyl Me Please has 1,000 copies on red:

    (Had it since Tuesday, but no time to play it.)
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  2. Usually the label/artist exclusives are more limited than the indie exclusives, so I reckon the white is more limited.
  3. Has this been posted yet?
    UO Red Exclusive

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  4. Pink all over the cover, red vinyl... make it make sense luv
  5. My screenname and I are SHAKING from the potential.
  6. Kiss & Tell should have been a pink given the album cover - I also prefer the European album cover which ironically would've gone well with a red vinyl.

    Nice to see them getting to her discography though, hopefully they press all the Hollywood Records stuff.
  7. All of When The Sun Goes Down's artwork was basically "this is a vinyl record" so it's gonna look incredible.
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  8. Apparently my Neneh Cherry boxset has arrived at home, thanks @djmakemewet for guiding me to this steal. I'm chuffed.
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  9. They better be pressing Stars Dance.
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  12. 9DC9FB9F-1B37-4D32-9534-0D771F03B434.jpeg
    These are from last week’s vinyl market here and I’m beyond excited to have found Emotions in mint condition and only 9 EUR. I couldn’t resist framing the inlay, so so beautiful!
  13. $70 for 2 discs though.
  14. aux


    And a 40 page hardcover book
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