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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. THE RED FOR THE SELENA VINYL IS A MISTAKE! Its "PINK SPLATTER" UO just confirmed it on their Twitter.

    @HeartSwells GroupBuy?

    And there is also a Pink Vinyl for "To All The Boys I've loved before" 2.
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  2. Still a missed opportunity to not release a vinyl when it came out.
  3. Was hoping to put up another one this weekend actually for any additional Britney’s, Dua and Hayley Williams.
  4. aux


    I might hop on board for Miss Williams
  5. I’d hop in for a Hayley & Selena
  6. How much is shipping for a group buy LP? I'm trying to find it in the thread history but my searches are futile.
  7. Updated Selena Vinyl from Urban! Looks soooooooo good!!!

  8. Oh that’s better
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  9. I put the shipping rate as £7 UK and £12 EU, that covers both the US to UK shipping and the UK to your address shipping, if you buy additional products it’s an extra £1 postage (£2 for EU).

    I tend to hike up the prices of the LPs to cover the PayPal/Stripe and conversion rate fees, plus packaging material and little extra as profit/cover for potential lost packages. It’ll likely cost £32 for the Selena LP to be delivered my way and sent to a UK address.

    Hope that helps! I’ll let the thread know if it goes up for sale and try and message anyone who told me they missed out on Femme Fatale.
  10. And Sam Smiths New Album also gets a Vinyl Release! Black, Red and Store Exclusive Splatter.

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  11. They usually honor it, i got an incorrectly listed Prince LP for 90p once.
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  12. They did in this case as well - the 3LP edition was waiting for me when I got home yesterday!
  13. J.Lo records came, they look great! Some how managed to avoid import fees too!
  14. 25% off with the code VMQW87AJDKJ7.
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  15. Selena Gomez's Rare vinyl is confirmed as having Feel Me as a bonus track (it's mentioned on the sticker).
    There's only photos of the Target exclusive so far but it's listed as a track on the standard edition on several sites so we can expect it there too.
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