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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. The cover/slip of my Femme Fatale vinyl has a tear where the title of the album is on the spine and the seams are split. Ugh. Not even gonna try to return it because it’s now sold out.
  2. I still see it on the site.
  3. Ahhh, ok. I saw it was sold out a few days back.
    I called and complained about the item. They're sending me a fresh copy and not making me return the one I have.
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  4. My J-Lo bundle came today too. I was very surprised for them to be here so quickly, considering they are form the US!
    They look stunning in real life.
  5. When will this end
  6. I bet it’s been already discussed but If I’m getting the yellow variant of ‘Future Nostalgia’ will it be in a standalone slipcase - and not a part of the book package only?
  7. Got some of my old vinyl from my parents and cataloguing them, the 1994 Milla Yovovich album has €340 as the highest sale, wig? I don't sell (it's not mint anyway) but good to see some surprises like this. Greece saying 'lol no we'll keep on pressing vinyl' in the mid 90s (this Milla album was only pressed in Greece and Discogs say it's a promo?) is a bit iconic.
  8. My Femme Fatale vinyl got lost in the mail but I was able to reorder right before they sell out so praise B
  9. Does anyone here clean their vinyl before listening to them? I’ve been reading a lot of stuff about vinyls lately and they say you should even clean new ones.
  10. Ordered something from a seller on Discogs, their feedback had quite a few "seller didn't have item so cancelled order" comments but I thought I may as well as you don't pay until they confirm... they cancelled it so I left feedback to hopefully warn buyers who actually take onboard the feedback they read and got this reply

    I will never be wrong in my life ever again Mr Discogs seller x
  11. I only clean a new vinyl if it's got factory dust or pieces of sleeve all over it out of the sleeve, usually it's fine so I just take it out and play it, I used to research getting the best, most clean sound out of vinyl and soon realised I'd rather hear the odd pop and crackle instead of having to waste precious listening time cleaning it.
    Honestly, take things you read about vinyl as a pinch of salt, there are a lot of anal audiophiles out there who insist ON washing their vinyl with special vinyl washing detergent the moment it comes out of the sleeve, stored in a separate white polylined sleeve never to be put back inside its original packaging again, cleaning the stylus before every use and also using anti-static wipes on the vinyl before every use.
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  12. Thanks for the information. Yea there is a lot of info out there that takes it to the extreme. I just want to listen to my records and try to make them sound a little better without going too crazy.
  13. Itsbeen84years.gif

    Quite nice to get a video instead of the usual mail out.
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  14. Honestly i worked in a record store and to clean our used records we used old clean towels/cloths and made our own cleaner with 3 parts distilled water and 1 part 97/99 proof alcohol you can buy from the pharmacy.
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  16. FINALLY!

    From this timescale we can expect Seventh Tree early 2021? And maybe have the 20th Anniversary Felt Mountain out September-ish this year as that doesn't seem to be coordinated with these?
  17. We don't know, but the lack of a box pictured makes me think it will be slotted into the back of the book.
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