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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Thank you! Yeah, that’s definitely more doable. Still... Muffy, sis, the prices.
  2. Sis, the prices. Is he sucking me off or something?
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  3. The members-only restriction has now been lifted - just bagged my copy!
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  4. aux


  5. The Spotify one.
  6. aux


    The whole fiasco with the Manic glitter vinyl is sending me. The album now comes with a lenticular cover too, to make up for the shite “glitter” picture disc.
  7. Halseys label didn’t stop to think whether they COULD I’m yelling
  8. Yeah, I’m learning to practice self-respect when it comes to ordering vinyl.
  9. I just saw pictures of the Manic picture disc pressing and girl for the love of God just focus on one good pressing.
  10. See I was trying this but I got really stoned last night and ordered Souled Out by Jhene from Juno.
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  12. If you buy the new Weeknd album on CD in HMV at the moment, you get a free Blinding Lights 7” single which seems a good deal.

    Definitely my favourite track of his so I can probably skip getting the album on vinyl now!
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  13. It's a shame that mockup isn't the actual product. Doesn't it come with red text?
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  14. Unfortunately, yes. It’s a shame that such an obvious glitch was overlooked like that.
  15. Y’all it’s just some text
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