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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Generally zero effort goes into these colour variants, the record label chooses a swab from the pressing plants colour catalogue and order a batch. The artwork is rarely altered. Without the hype sticker, you wouldn't even know which colour you're buying, unless you have the barcode and discogs to hand.
  2. Wait a minute!

  3. Just got my GH by Spice Girls and what a terrible pressing. Songs are pitched up, clicks and pops everywhere. The volume is too low and i have to pump up the bass to the max to get some of the low frequency. The biggest girlband in the world doesn’t deserve this bad pressing
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  4. 159064F7-2548-42FD-9655-37077E4806F4.jpeg
    I received JLo and Daydream today from VMP and thought of posting my latest purchases. Neneh’s boxset is so amazingly done and Blood is still AN album!

    EDIT : Wait at my JLo being just black and not blue. Did any of you have the same problem?
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  5. Mine is mostly black and very shiny, but with small patches of blue. Have you tried holding it in the light?
  6. Yes. It’s just black, nothing like the pics in their site. Should I email them?
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  7. I would, it’s not what you thought you were buying.
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  8. Since the item isn't as expected, I'd say you're within your rights to email them though they may chalk this up as variation due to the process. Their contact feature allows you to upload pictures so you can illustrate your issue.
  9. I just emailed them and attached a pic. Hope this works.
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  10. Mine was a very dark blue and you had to hold it to the light to really see the “galaxy” effect, but it was definitely there.
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  11. Amazon just cancelled my Pang vinyl. That was a waste of three months wait.
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  12. Same, but HMV still have stock!
  13. Amazon is saying Goldfrapp - Supernature release date is December?
  14. I had one which was very blue and the other is 90% black with just patches.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Although, you know, if they want to announce Seventh Tree as well and have them released at the same time, well...
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  16. My final Britney Spears UO exclusive arrived. So now I have a clear Blackout and the marble limited one because I didn’t know about the limited ones before I stared and my OCD had me hunt all the other ones down like a psycho. All I need now is Billy Bob.
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  17. Yeah mine as well, when I first open it I though "oh well this is black".
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  18. How how how?
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  19. Email them! My vinyl is just as the site shows and it's beautiful
  20. Their answer was either a replacement or “some” store credits. What should I do? Halp!
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