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Visiting South Korea

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Big Bang, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Hello!


    This is a thread for discussing our experiences in South Korea! I think that, like many others here, many of us wish to visit South Korea at some point, or want to hear what others have experience in the country! Basically if you've ever been to South Korea, or thought of doing so, post here!

    I live in the UK and I'm specifically interested in any sort of volunteering opportunities (such as teaching). So if anyone has any experience in that area, I'd love to hear it!
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  2. I went in March and it was amazing!! As my avatar kind of shows, I went to the 2NE1 concert!
  3. EPIK is honestly the best way of doing it. My ex is currently over there.

    I've only been twice. Once was for a 4 day conference in Busan and the other was in Jeolla nam-do...digging on an archaeological site for a month. The only thing I did besides work was scour around for street vendors. Literally 90% of my time was drinking at some vendor shop while eating ddukbokki at 2am...
  4. I was there last summer for 4 days in August. I'm actually going back as we speak!
  5. I'm there for a week next August, yeoooo. I honstly haven't heard great things about it, compared to Japan or China But I'm mainly going for food, soju and noraebangs.
  6. Seoul is a great city to visit, downtown is very walkeable, several tourist attractions (temples/palaces etc) and shopping district within walking distance - and the subway is easy to navigate and gets you anywhere. If you go there in fall definitely visit the Changdeokgung Palace and tour the Secret Garden inside, lush and colorful in that season. Use the Cheonggyecheon stream downtown as a central outset.
  7. I found Japan way more interesting and the people to be less friendly in Korea. That's not to say I didn't have fun. The country is very rich in history and there is quite a lot to see.

    One word of caution MiklC. If you're not used to humidity, you will dread it a lot! It is absolutely crazy humid in August. Make sure to pack a small towel that you can carry around to wipe off the buckets of sweat that will be dripping down your body. I was expecting it to drop a bit at night. It didn't. At all.
  8. I'm so jealous of everyone who's gone/going to go! I want to go but I'm not in the position to at the minute. I definitely want to go next year when I'm a little more stable!
  9. Well it's different. Japan has been a modern, wealthy country for many decades and so the cities have a different kind of uniquely Japanese feel to them developed through the years. Seoul, for example, was basically built as it is today from the 90s and largely in the 00s, so the shiny skyscrapers and urban landscape in some regards are more 'typical modern city'. But they've done really great things to the city in recent times like the aforementioned Cheonggyecheon stream which makes it imo one of the most pleasant megacities to just walk around in. On the plus side in comparison with Japan practicalities like the subway is more modern, user-friendly and easy.

    If you're in or around Seoul I suggest seeking out the stuff that really is unique: The mountainsides surrounding the city are great for hiking and exploration and getting great views. The student neighbourhoods like Hongdae (and to a more boozy extent Sinchon) offer uniquely Korean cultural experiences. The Bukchon old village right in the city centre bordering the really cozy, friendly Samcheongdong neighbourhood. And of course I highly recommend a visit to the DMZ, the North Korea border post. Book in advance.

    In general fall foliage really makes the country come to life

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  10. Seoul is on my bucket list. I want to go so bad.
  11. I'm jealous of you guys! I want to go sooo bad, mainly to Seoul. The friend who turned me onto K-Pop's best friend went over there to teach a few months ago and he loves it apparently. At some point in the near future, she'll be going over to visit him! A co-worker of mine served who in the US military and was stationed (somewhere) in South Korea buuuut he didn't have many good things to say about it. I try to block him out when talks trash about it though haha
  12. I am going there again in January for a couple of weeks!

    Hope I can catch some kpop concert this time around.
  13. Great to hear all this! I plan on going next year (maybe later depending on my financial situation), definitely looking forward to getting hammered there and checking out the night life (though I've heard the main activity is karaoke rather than nightclubs? I see it a lot in variety shows too). I also need to see iKON live, though hopefully they'll come to the UK someday.

    After researching teaching schemes like the one Ceir mentioned, it seems like you have to jump through so many hoops to qualify (submitting references sounds like a nightmare). Thinking about it, I might just have a holiday there for a week or so. I'll have to have a think about that. I'd prefer to work there just to experience more of the culture, but I'd be okay with cramming everything into a holiday. Hmmmm.
  14. I went to Seoul last year. It was a blast. I was also lucky enough to see the K-Pop Sky Festival at Incheon airport. It was free plus there was 1000 ticket purely allocated to foriegners. I got to see Sistar, Girl's Day, Sumni, Ladies Code, 5-dolls, Spica , Exo-K, Teen Top, BAP, FT Island, BTOB plus some other boybands (which I can't remember cos I don't like boybands).

    I saw most of the palaces which were nice (but once you see one, you've seem then all!). Its a very safe city and you walk late at night and not feel in danger. It's very hard to have a bad meal in Seoul, portions are plentiful and it's really cheap!

    Myeongdong is the main shopping district. Go to Music Korea if you want to buy your K-pop CDs. Everysing are the SM-Entertainment owned music stores if you want to get our SNSD or EXO goodies. There are dotted in quite a few places.

    I did the K-Pop agency in Gangnam, Cube Entertainment was the highlight as they have a cafe and quite cool displays of idol stuff.
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  15. I am dying to go to Seoul but I only want to go if their is a K-Pop show on.


    I'm in the middle of getting a mortgage for a house though so doubt I can go to South Korea for a few years. So jealous of you all.
  16. It's actually not terrible! I mean you submit a packet that includes your application, a lesson plan, and copies of two reference letters.

    If you get the job you have to submit more for a visa, but you're paid roughly $2,000 USD a month, get to live there in your own apartment rent free... It's pretty sweet.
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