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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. So this group has enough songs out now that I think they warrant a topic (and I'm surprised there isn't one already). Los Feeling and Too Far Gone were two of my top tracks last year, and now this new one that PJ recently featured as song of the day, Coming Home, has blown me away again. Sort of like Cut Copy, I could just listen to these guys endlessly.

    The newest (plus links to other songs by them):
  2. ears perk up.....sounds like cut copy you say?
  3. Take a listen! I think they do, and I believe they're both Australian.
  4. Ah, I'm glad there's already a thread here for Visitor here. I was thinking of making one right now. I haven't heard much by them, but from what I've heard I definitely want to hear more. I'm really looking forward to their debut album after hear the preview mix on Fear of Tiger's radio show a while back. The clips sounded really good.

    It's too bad it seems like not a lot of people know about them though...
  5. Waiting patiently for their debut album. Going to see them on 11/11/11 in London with Fear of Tigers, Sound of Arrows and Queen of Hearts. It's their first live gig of the year i believe.....
  6. Ugh, that line up is to die for.
  7. Heh, I was there as well. (There's me commenting about it on The Sound of Arrows thread)

    It was great, but Visitor always dress up like homeless people! I mean, they don't have to dress up to the hilt or anything, but a 'bit' of effort wouldn't go amiss.

    Their music is fantastic. They need to release more, already. Or at least do more live gigs.
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