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    GAON is the official industry chart system of South Korea.

    Established in 2009, songs on the Gaon Digital Chart represent the most popular songs within South Korea weekly based on a formula of digital downloads, streams and background music tracks.

    Though not disclosed to the public, it is believed Gaon's formula essentially mirrors a revenue chart system like found in Germany.

    See: 2017's Gaon Digital #1s Rate


    2018's #1s / Song List:
    Week 1: Sound Of Winter - Park Hyoshin
    Weeks 2-4: Good Old Days - Jang Deok Cheol
    Weeks 5-10: Love Scenario - iKON
    Weeks 11-13: Flower Road - Big Bang
    Week 14: Bar Code - Haon & Vinxen
    Week 15: What Is Love? - Twice
    Week 16: Pass By - Nilo
    Weeks 17-20: Don't Give It To Me - Loco & Hwasa
    Week 21: Fake Love - BTS
    Weeks 22-24: Travel - Bolbbalgan4
    Weeks 25-27: Ddu-du Ddu-du - Blackpink
    Week 28: Dance The Night Away - Twice
    Weeks 29-30,34 Way Back Home - Shaun
    Week 31: Soulmate - Zico ft. IU
    Weeks 32-33: Power Up - Red Velvet
    Week 35: Idol - BTS
    Weeks 36-37: Siren - Sunmi
    Week 38: The Hardest Part - Roy Kim
    Weeks 39-40: There Has Never Been a Day I Haven't Loved You - Im Changjung
    Weeks 41-43: Bbibbi - IU
    Week 44: Me After You - Paul Kim
    Week 45: Yes or Yes - Twice
    Weeks 46-47: Solo - Jennie
    Weeks 48-49: Fiance - Mino
    Weeks 50-52: 180 - Ben


    I. As per, send me your scores via DM.
    II. Score from 0 to 10, with one song getting your 11; decimals allowed, but nothing wild.
    III. Songs are ranked by average score. All ties are broken by quality of scores received.
    IV. Commentary is welcome and great for rate write-ups!
    V. Don’t be a troll.


    OPENS: JANUARY 4TH, 2019
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  2. 1. Sound Of Winter -
    2. Good Old Days -
    3. Love Scenario -
    4. Flower Road -
    5. Bar Code -
    6. What Is Love? -
    7. Pass By -
    8. Don't Give It To Me -
    9. Fake Love -
    10. Travel -
    11. Ddu-du Ddu-du -
    12. Dance The Night Away -
    13. Way Back Home -
    14. Soulmate -
    15. Power Up -
    16. Idol -
    17. Siren -
    18. The Hardest Part -
    19. There Has Never Been a Day I Haven't Loved You -
    20. Bbibbi -
    21. Me After You -
    22. Yes or Yes -
    23. Solo -
    24. Fiance -
    25. 180 -



    @Mikl C
    @Dangerous Maknae
    @Cotton Park
    @Slice of Life
    @Empty Shoebox
    @Love Deluxe
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  3. Playlist added.
  4. I hope we all know what we need to do with two of those songs.
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  5. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Fuck. I can't even build an acceptable top 10. So much shit.

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  6. That's a pretty boring song list to be honest.

    I guess I'll be rooting for Bolbbalgan4 to go all the way?
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  7. Erm, those songs are kind of awful, no?

    My average for this is... going to be extremely low.
  8. Yes, the list doesn't have many K-PJ faves, but I'm making this a tradition, god damnit.

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  9. Here to tank Nilo & Shaun and give Sunmi & Twice my 10s. xx
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  10. Mino remains #1 this week.

    Might have to toss king an 11 for that labret piercing alone.
  11. No "instagram?" I was looking forward to people having to listen to it and me elevening it.
    Oh, well. I'm in anyway.
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  12. Wow this list is........something.
  13. We already endured that last year. Once was enough.
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  14. Week 50: "180" by Ben

    Well.. it's winter time in Korea~ ddddd.

    Imagine if we end up having to rate Santa Tell Me or All I Want For Christmas Is You? Stream the good unnie and noona on Melon now!
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  15. This just... gets worse ddddd.
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  16. 180 stays at #1 for another week!

    It'll likely be the final #1 of 2018, though Heize or WINNER could both challenge it.
  17. Ddd 180 fends off Millions from the top spot, claiming the spot as the final #1 of 2018.


    We have our official 25 entries.

    Voting is officially open!

    ddd please vote, do it for the kiis and drags.
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  18. It’ll be interesting to see if the BTS songs get ranked above or below all of the boring tripe that SK got to number 1 in this song list.
  19. Also, to give context of how big they were, here is the 2018 Top 50 based on the points system Gaon uses with 2018 #1s in purple and 2017 #1s in blue.

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