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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. 07. Bbibbi
    Average: 7.291

    Highest Score: 10 (@Oleander, Sanctuary) 9.25 (@Love Deluxe), 8 (@BEST FICTION, @vague, @FunkyButChic)
    Lowest Score: 5 (@Dangerous Maknae), 4.5 (@yuuurei)

    Year-End Chart: #44
    Went #1: Weeks 41-43​

    The Britney Spears of K-Pop (this is more of a joking reference to her scamming an illegal sample of a Britney song dddd) returns to us in 2018 with guns-blazing and a message to the press, critics and the haters:

    Ddddd. While it's not exactly as electronic and bussy bopping as something like Britney's "Piece Of Me", IU's mellow jam is a fuck you to the haters and a message to "back the fuck off" to twitter-fingers everywhere in the wild.

    She wants the world to know that her business is her business and that she doesn't care much about the business of others - she just wants people to keep their noses out of her's. "That's why I am the artist, and you are the public." - Lady Gaga Lee Ji-eun

    And like the good American homosexual I am, I had no idea the chorus' lyrics were just a bunch of soccer references until I watched the following video:

    Like everything IU does, the song went #1 for several weeks and blocked several songs from going #1. She blocked Loco, previously featured in this rate, from snatching a 2nd #1 in 2018. She also blocked the following songs from ever reaching the top of the summit:

    Even though the good sis didn't even promote the song, it still managed to remain a commercial force. Though IU's 2018 was a bit less hit-filled than how much her 2017 was, some of you felt like you've begun to want to see a little more - maybe something different - from her.

    However, many of you feel like IU just makes sense being one of the biggest things in k-pop. For as long as there's k-pop, there shall be IU.


    10 - @Oleander - Drag the haters for filth, queen!

    8 - @vague - ik IU is a much better vocalist than her, but something about IU's voice on this reminds me of quirky queen Otsuka Ai. the song doesn't sound too dissimilar to her material either. Cute.

    8 - @FunkyButChic - I’m trying to come up with something other than “IU is so fucking cool” but she really just is.

    7.5 - @Slice of Life - This didn't age well but I'd never do Kween IU wrong. Come back with a better song next time, unnie.

    7.5 - @evilsin - I guess I have a bit of a problem with IU. I like her, and I respect her going her way, but all of the song I hear I just okay-ish to me. They are certainly very her, which is great, sad it's not up my alley.

    7.5 - @He - This is very cute. But not as strong as her number ones of before. I loved that yeyeye track

    7 - @Reboot - I really dig the lyrics of this one and the video is cute. Will I put it in my “stuff I wanna listen to” playlist? Not really.

    6 - @Serg. - I don't even like this song but put against all those beasts it gets a bit inflated score.

    6 - @Cotton Park - It was only a matter of time before IU became a parody of herself. Like the clever and cute child who knows she's clever and cute. And parents who always completely overestimate everyone else's interest in their cute and clever child. By the way, I love the middle eight.

    6 - @Empty Shoebox- I remember thinking of this much more fondly at the time, but it just doesn't go anywhere, does it?

    4.5 - @yuuurei - I really find IU's music so dull. I can't think of a single song of hers that I liked much at all. I don't think she's untalented or anything, I just find her work tedious to listen to, and this song's no exception.

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  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Ddddddddd yath no more scores lower than 8.5 for me! Iconique.

    Now I fear for DDU-DU DDU-DU and Dance The Night Away.
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  3. Ddd that twenty three is still IU’s best song.
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  4. Oh wow, didn't know about that. And it's so extreme, oh my god.
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  5. ...not named "Jam Jam."
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  6. Rem


    Not half of the remaining songs being Twice...maybe talent does win!
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  7. @Monkey0 found seething
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  8. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    This is like thank u next winning a proposed 2018 #1s rate.
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  9. Does it?

    06. Dance The Night Away
    Average: 7.388

    Highest Score: 10 (@Oleander, @Slice of Life, @soratami), 9 (@evilsin, @He, @FunkyButChic)
    Lowest Score: 5 (Sanctuary, @Empty Shoebox), 3 (@Cotton Park)

    Year-End Chart: #20
    Went #1: Week 28​

    Not to be a capital-H hater, but I really struggled to write a positive write-up for this (which would explain the delay, but I'm also a failure). Obviously it is well-liked enough as a song if it survived over a bunch of other songs, but something about it just grinds me, even as someone who stans for most of what they put out. I think it's just not sonically for me, the Euro-pop gaudiness of it and all, which broke my heart as a TWICE stan ddd.

    While many people have long complained about TWICE needing to mature both their music and image, the girls do though end up making a slight diagonal turn, and straying from their usual path, with the Dance The Night Away single. Instead of giving pastel soft aegyo, the girls pull a trick out of SISTAR's playbook and invest in a summer holiday.

    The final actual result may be more in the vein of SNSD's divisive vacation getaway aka Party than any of SISTAR's beloved breezy summer classics, but the girls of TWICE still serve an electro-funk bopperoo for the masses (you know... if that's what you're into).

    One thing I can say nicely about the comeback is just how well the choreo goes to any other song. It's actually kinda amazing dddd. Evidence:

    Now that I've gotten a mandatory compliment out the way, let's remind everyone that TWICE - with this of all songs - and Blackpink both contributed to blocking Apink from the top spot, refusing to let "I'm So Sick" from ever going Top 2. THIS... blocked THIS?

    A disaster.

    10 - @Slice of Life - @ ME, WHORES. THIS IS AMAZING.

    9 - @evilsin - This track took almost half a year to click with me, but I can't live without it now. The quirky trumpet-filled chorus is really to my liking.

    9 - @He - Excellence following excellence, I see you girls. This is very basic but also very good.

    9 - @FunkyButChic - Something about Dance The Night Away feels immediately classic, like a decades old pop song dusted off for the current generation.

    8 - @Reboot - This is kinda shit, but I’m happy to overlook it because of everyone looking super pretty in the video.

    8 - @Serg. - I kinda used to dislike this but like you can't say all their songs sound the same when they've done songs like this one.

    6.5 - @vague - this has grown on me a lil bit sice it came out, but it's still their worst title track :B

    6 - @yuuurei - What to say ... I think that TWICE's music is very palatable to the general public, so it makes sense that they do well on charts like this. This song is cute, perky and inoffensive, as per usual. Perfectly fine.

    5 - @Empty Shoebox - Below average for Twice this one, I think.

    3 - @Cotton Park - I don't know why I find this to be so irritating. Like bare thighs on plastic car seats in summer. If I was going to dance the night away, and I've been known to, it would be anywhere near this screechy thing. There are much better Twice songs.

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  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Dddddd I'm not mad. It did better than I expected. Still, Dance The Night Away is still that anthem and I will continue bopping shamelessly. ♡
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  11. Okay but the choreography with the Jeopardy! theme playing over it was too good.
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  12. I didn't know how much I needed this video in my life.

    Also, TWICE is supposed to be pronounced as "two times"? KPop companies, why are you like this?
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  13. The hangul is "트와이스/teuwaiseu" and iirc they do actually say "TWICE!" at the beginning of one of their songs? So I think he was just joking around.
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  14. I don't know what to believe anymore, especially after I learned that (G)-IDLE is pronounced "idol".
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  15. Just listen to Likey and you will know.
  16. Honestly, I'd rather not.
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  17. Suddenly the Monkey0 is you.
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  18. How is it that we like so many of the same things but not this?
    This is easily my least favorite Twice song.
    But I will listen again....
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  19. Oh my god just finish this
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  20. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Since nobody commented on this, I can say as a fellow rate host that these types of comments are super rude. Keep em in your head and out of the thread.
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