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  1. I didn't wanna be the one to say anything since I'm trying not to create #drama but yeah that was really rude and uncalled for. @Sanctuary ya doin fine, take the time you need.
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  2. I was just playing, calm down.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. If @Sanctuary unnie doesn't update we can pretend Travel rightfully won #1 so I don't see the problem kii
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  5. [​IMG]

    05. Travel
    Average: 8.305

    Highest Score: 11 (@FunkyButChic, @soratami, @Cotton Park), 10 (@Empty Shoebox, @Oleander, @Reboot)
    Lowest Score: 6 (Sanctuary, @Dangerous Maknae), 3 (@Mikl C)

    Year-End Chart: #10
    Went #1: Weeks 22-24​

    We lose our first song to get three 11 scores and what I imagine will finally cause a reaction in this thread that's not just everyone nodding in silence (dddddd).

    "Travel" is an almost twangy-yet-poppy summer jingle that captures the folksy, DIY and singer-songwriter vibe of BOL4's ridiculously successful discography. While playing up their usual cues with the song, a perfect follow-up to last year's "Some", "Travel" brings something a bit new with just a very slight twist perfect for long summer months.

    The digital giants were so big that they were even able to block The Nation’s Boy Group from going #1, forcing “Light” to peak at #2:

    Everyone's favorite unproblematic quirky legends, the girls go on a road trip (a la Sistar's I Swear) throughout the video for a summer getaway. Even though BOL4 couldn't outlast Blackpink, at least they can say they had the highest-charting song about summer in the rate, outlasting the form of terror that was "Dance The Night Away".

    And yes, while Blackpink may have ended up outlasting BOL4 on the K-PJ 2018 Charts, for all the little Bolbbalganroos out there, Korea’s favorite duo ended up with the last laugh:


    Yes, the girls of BOL4 are somehow having an even bigger 2019 than they had 2018:

    Why are the guys in their videos usually super cute?

    11 - @FunkyButChic - I understand BOL4’s music probably comes off as twee to most people, and I don’t disagree, but that’s exactly why I like them. Not that I love everything they do, but their simple breezy bops are really a welcome change of pace from the full-frontal assault of the rest of K-pop, without winding too far into boring territory. Travel is classic BOL4 in that sense—bright and easy on the ears—but with a pop-rock edge that sets it apart from the rest of their singles. If the South Korea chooses to remain a coffee shop music loving country, at least they’re correctly stanning the perkier variant that BOL4 bring to the table.

    11 - @Cotton Park - Ahn Ji-young is the most underrated vocalist in South Korea. Her diction is absolutely priceless. Love Bol4.

    10 - @Reboot - This is so wholesome and soft. I love it.

    10 - @Oleander - Almost got my 10. I don't know how they did it but they captured the feeling of joy, wonder, and excitement that comes when you are visiting a new place for the first time.

    10 - @Empty Shoebox - I'm not really into folk, but this clicked with me, even with that really strange way of pronouncing 'bird'.

    9 - @vague - this lady has a really interesting vocal tone. this almost sounds like k-country or w/e; i rly like this!!

    9 - @Slice of Life - I'm gonna get attacked for this but I think BOL4 are massively overrated. But Travel is amazing so they kinda shut me up there ddddd.

    8.5 - @evilsin - Why is this the first time I'm hearing this sparkly bubbly ditty? Don't answer, I know why…

    8 - @yuuurei - Cute and pleasant. Not a lot to say about it but I like it.

    8 - @Serg. - I used to love it a lot more but it kinda aged after a while it's not on the same level as songs like Blue from them.

    8 - @He - Indie queens of the charts. This is properly fun and breezy.

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  6. Also dddddddddd yes, I'm sorry I've let this fall by the wayside multiple times. I mentioned it before, but doing a rate where there's little enthusiasm from myself or from the people rating the songs was weird and a learning experience because the pacing gets thrown off and it's hard to recover, and so people engage less the more it stops-starts, which then fuels the issue of pacing even more, etc.

    I thought it could work like the main forum #1s rate did where most of the #1s were hated, but y'all are too nice to be mean and so it's like everyone just golf-clapping and slightly nodding in agreement when bad songs finally fall fgkjbfgnbkfkng I'm sorry.

    Learn from my mistake and never do a rate where people hate most of the songs. Also dddd this rate WILL be finished this week. ddddddd.
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  7. [​IMG]

    I genuinely wasn't expecting this to make Top 5 ddd BOL4 queens of South Korea and KPJ, not everybody has that! (Except TWICE probably.)
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  8. I'm glad BOL4 made it so far. It really is a little marvel of a track and made for a nice addition to the list of songs about traveling which, of course, includes...

    Playing this and Travel back-to-back is quite an experience.

    I had listened to some of BOL4's songs prior to this rate but it really was thanks to this rate that I dived deeper into their discography and found a multitude of gems so I really appreciate you taking on this rate @Sanctuary! Don't be too hard on yourself about the pacing, it's one of those things that you can never really gauge until you actually are in the midst of it. Running one of these things is quite difficult and I commend anyone who decides to tackle one and see it through to the end.
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  9. This song was probably the discovery of the rate for me. I really need to listen to more of their music.
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  10. I'm sad Travel has gone, but also proud that people really seem to have taken to it and the group.
  11. The song to miss our Top 3 is...


    04. Ddu-du-Ddu-du
    Average: 8.444

    Highest Score: 11 (@evilsin, @Slice of Life, @Serg., @Dangerous Maknae), 10 (@Oleander, @He), 9.5 (@Love Deluxe), 9 (@eliminathan, @BEST FICTION, Sanctuary)
    Lowest Score: 5 (@Cotton Park), 0 (@Mikl C)

    Year-End Chart: #5
    Went #1: Weeks 25-27
    While BOL4 may have blocked "Kill This Love" from topping the charts just a few weeks back, the girls of Blackpink get to rejoice in a little karmic energy working in their favor.

    Something something TWICE outlasting them both something something.
    As their current comeback breaks records for female k-pop groups around the world, it feels important to make note of just how huge Ddu-du Ddu-du was and remains. With an almost staggering 800,000,000+ views on Youtube, it remains the most watched k-pop video in history. The song also boasts an impressive 160M+ streams on Spotify alone.

    The song itself is an eclectic rush of sweet pop melody and the kind of ferocious rap that made Teddy famous when producing music for Blackpink's unnies 2NE1. It even pulls from similar foreign influences Teddy has used once or twice or thrice on a few 2NE1 tracks.

    It's actually not that difficult to imagine Queen Bom coo'ing over the pre-chorus, her iconic 28-inch's of hair and blunt fringe blowing in the wind on the same swing Rose sits on i nthe video before CL would come in with the chorus rap.

    The song wasn't the only huge thing for them - most of the mini-album did similarly well, with the girls even pulling a chart double as "Forever Young" peaked at #2 below Dx4 on the official Gaon Digital Chart. And most iconic of all, both songs blocked "Rainy Season" by Mamamoo from ever touching the top.


    Never forget...

    11 - @Serg. - The true song of the year.

    11 - @Slice of Life - Probably my most listened to song for 2018 so it deserves my 11. This just doesn't let up and listening to it always makes me feel like a boss binch (I am but sometimes I need affirmation). Yes, I'm leaving a comment for my 11 THIS EARLY because I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON OKAY.

    11 - @evilsin - Should I just copy-paste my commentary from KSOTY? Iconique, the song, that is, not my commentary.

    10 - @Oleander - I went to a Thai restaurant earlier this evening and they not only played this song multiple times but literally played the whole damn mini from start to finish a couple time before moving onto their other songs dddddd. Lisa, ha impact. They even played Stay. Anyway, this still pops the hell off and is way better than some of the stuff here so take my 10, girls.

    10 - @He - A revolution.

    8.5 - @vague - Jisoo's parts > almost everything else in the rate but the rest ain't quite up to that standard for me unforch.

    8 - @Reboot - Very nice. I still feel like they haven’t quite found their own "sound” yet, but they’re obviously all stars.

    8 - @yuuurei - I don't really have anything different to say than I did for the KSOTY rate so to summarize: pretty good, I get why it's popular, would have stanned at one time.

    7 - @Empty Shoebox - They have better songs than this. Maybe if they were allowed to release more than once a year, everyone else would see that.

    7 - @FunkyButChic- One of the few occasions where a last minute YG switch-up is more than welcome, the last 45 seconds delivering the promised “banger” that the rest of it fails to be.

    5 - @Cotton Park - Blackpink often makes me think I'm too old for KPop. Which is probably why they're so ridiculously popular.

  12. A brilliant song but I’m happy with ha placement even if she could have maybe passed what is love.
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  13. To make it official, your Top 3 is...




    Who do y'all want out next?
  14. Well, I gave the remaining songs bar one a 10 so in terms of the song I want out next, I think it's pretty clear that I want the song that didn't receive a 10 from me to go.

    And by "to go" I mean go straight to number one because it is my super incredible really extraordinarily noteworthy 11.

  15. If TWICE defeat Sunmi in this rate I'm so done with y'all and your stale af taste.
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  16. Twice are such icons.
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  17. Now I want Yes or Yes to win, which probably won't happen.
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  18. I gave all the remaining songs 10s so I'm fine with whatever, though I'd prefer if TWICE won after they were done so wrong last year.
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  19. I would like a surprise Yes or Yes win but I expect Siren to beat both songs with 1 whole point difference in average nn.
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  20. As long as 'Yes or Yes' leaves first, then I'm fine with either 'What Is Love' or 'Siren' winning xoxo
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