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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. The fact that we could be rating the Punch song, which I actually like, instead of this mess... no words.
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  2. Now I feel disgusted with myself for giving him that score knowing that he is most likely complicit in the scandal in some form. It's stuff like this that gives me trust issues.
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  3. Truly sad if he was involved as well, I surprisingly enjoyed the song.
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  4. Our next loss is...

    20. 180
    Average: 4.833

    Highest Score: 10 (@yuuurei), 8 (@eliminathan), 7 (@BEST FICTION, @Oleander)
    Lowest Score: 2.5 (@Serg.), 2 (@Dangerous Maknae), 1 (@FunkyButChic)

    Year-End Chart: N/A
    Went #1: Weeks 50-52​

    And yes, the annihilation of the ballads keeps on coming. This served as the final #1 of 2018 and continued the trend as seen at the start of the year: if it gets chilly out, ballads begin to blast from the windows of every old person in Korea, it seems.

    Ben is largely an unknown female singer who debuted in 2010 with the girl group Bebe Mignon (...who?), while re-debuting in 2012 as a soloist.

    The good sis Ben was able to snatch a OST hit or two as she struggled to climb to the top, snatching two Top 10s with "Like A Dream" (for the Another Oh Hae-young OST) and "Misty Road" (for the Love In The Moonlight OST). Her single "Love, ing" was also able to go Top 10 earlier in 2018, but it was with 180 she was able to finally snatch a #1 single.
    Despite the lack of a substantial presence to her name, her (according to you all - shrill) vocals spoke to the people of Korea. She was able to block WINNER’s single “Millions” from ever hitting the top spot AND blocking Mino from getting to achieve a double-header (Mino ended up occupying the #2 spot, with WINNER, and the #3 spot with his solo “Fiance”).

    Now, I know on misandry-justice this blocking WINNER would be considered a victory, but my big gay delusional heart warmed up to “Millions” after this moment:

    Yes, I am a homosexual who craves any content I can get because of its scarcity, no matter how delusional. Let me live. (C’mon new Hyungwonho photoshoot that came out - yas).

    While some of you didn’t out-right despise Ben and her little ballad compared to some of the old (and creepy!) men yelping away in other songs we’ve been forced to rate, none of you ended up finding it to be good enough to rate too high.

    10 - @yuuurei - Finally at the end of the list we have a beautiful ballad with a female vocal. This is what I am about. The lyrics are nothing groundbreaking but they're pretty and sad, and the same goes for the music. The vocals are gorgeous. I really like this, definitely the best discovery of this rate for me.

    6 - @Slice of Life - I can feel the unnie struggling with some of these notes ddddd. But I love the super emotional delivery. Yath shower us with depression in December, unnie.

    5 - @evilsin - Oh my, her voice... is definitely not for this kind of power ballads. I mean, I like it, it has an unusual tone to it, but, girl...

    5 - @He - The voice is not annoying and actually emotes quite well.

    4 - @Cotton Park - Now see, I'd love to hear Ben sing "Solo." She'd knock it out of the park. What a voice.

    3 - @Empty Shoebox - The vocals here are a bit painful. I really don't like them.

    3 - @Reboot - I put this on and then started doing other things and I kind of forget I was listening to the song at all. In other words, pretty forgettable.

    2.5 - @Serg. - She's struggling with those notes a bitsy.. I guess there's room for everybody at the #1 spot.

    1 - @FunkyButChic - I can’t decide if it’s funny or sad how many boxes on the “K-Ballad Tropes” checklist this ticks off.

  5. [​IMG]

    Anyway, actually none of you know wtf you're talking about, it's a lovely song and it deserved a better placement.
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  6. Not with those vocals, it didn't.
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  7. So Sound of Winter actually did survive the bottom 5. Taste!
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  8. Ddd sorry, I had some personal issues and last week was kinda hell personally but I'm back now and refuse to let a rate I run fail.

    Next up...

    19. There Has Never Been a Day I Haven't Loved You
    Average: 4.888

    Highest Score: 8.75 (@Oleander), 8 (@yuuurei), 7 (@evilsin)
    Lowest Score: 2.5 (@Slice of Life), 2 (@Empty Shoebox), 0 (@Serg.)

    Year-End Chart: #41
    Went #1: Weeks 39-40​

    Im Chang-jung is a famous balladeer - his Wiki page literally specifies him as a famous "ballad singer-songwriter" dddd - who has been part of the Korean entertainment industry since 1990, working within film and music since before many current generation idols were even born. He is known for being one of the first Korean entertainers to pursue a career in both acting and singing, being dubbed by the Korean GP as the "Original Entertainer".

    He's won countless awards for his work over the years, literally having a collection of Ballad-specific awards (Ballad of the Year, Best Ballad Award, etc.) and is recognized by the industry at large for his impressive vocal range and skills as a composer. Some of his most famous songs include:

    Not one to be shown up by young folks, he blocked iKON from having their own iconic ballad moment, keeping the group's song Goodbye Road from reaching the top spot.

    Though he's considered a legend amongst Korean balladeers, he left the good gays of K-PJ feeling a little.... indifferent.

    8 - @yuuurei - Between the title and the tone of this song, it sounds like it would be on a list like "Top 10 Wedding Songs of 2018" or something. That's not a bad thing - it's quite lovely. I like the strings throughout the instrumental and there are some powerful vocals here. Overall it's a pretty good track, and a fair bit less mediocre than the other similar tracks on the list.

    7 - @evilsin - I appreciate the vocal layering in this one, good job.

    6 - @FunkyButChic - I mostly remember Im Chang Jung from that time he tried to create his own Gangnam Style. This is light years away from that, but I surprisingly… enjoy it? The harmonies and layered production give the whole thing a weight that this type of fare usually doesn’t have, and the key change sets-up a genuinely compelling final stretch.

    6 - @Reboot - A lot of the ballads in this rate sound very similar. It’s not bad, though.

    4 - @He - Kii, i don’t care for this. Like, it’s such a by the number ballad, how was it number 1? Male mediocrity strikes again.

    4 - @Cotton Park - Two whole weeks, hm? (This is actually not quite terrible.)

    2.5 - @Slice of Life - I get Korea's boner for Park Hyo Shin because he's cute and his voice is kinda unique but I'll never get their obsession with Im Chang Jung. His voice is nothing special. This song is the same ballad he releases every single year. Stop it juseyo.

    2 - @Empty Shoebox - I'm not calling you a liar Mr Im, I just think that the statement you have made is really unlikely.

    0 - @Serg. - Not this long title accompanied with this boring ass OST ballad, the bottomest of the bottom.

  9. That was definitely a ballad-lovers' ballad so I'm not surprised it didn't do too well here.
  10. This one wasn't as bad as well, although it still baffles me how plain most Korean ballads are. Especially those that get to #1.
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  11. Up next...

    18. Sound of Winter
    Average: 4.986

    Highest Score: 9.5 (@yuuurei), 8.75 (@Love Deluxe), 7.5 (@evilsin)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@Empty Shoebox), 1 (@Serg., @Dangerous Maknae)

    Year-End Chart: N/A
    Went #1: Week 1​

    And just like that, y’all shamelessly cut another male ballad singer. And worst of all - he’s actually cute! And actually can kinda sing? Even though this shit is almost 7 minutes? ddd

    Park's career kind of embodies many of the most famous tropes in the Korean music industry. He began singing trot songs as entertainment in his family's restaurant as a small child. He would go on to try and become an entertainer professionally and, despite a complicated start with ill-advised companies, would raise his profile through things like singing competitions and appearances on drama soundtracks.

    Another thing, though coincidental, set the mood for "Sound of Winter" to hit #1...

    Every winter, more than usual, ballads thrive on streaming charts and begin to take off amongst the Korean GP every year.

    Depressing tales of love lost - maybe forgotten love from more innocent times - or humble beginnings that capture the national Korean spirit; these motifs and more often make up the kind of songs that go shooting up the Gaon Digital Chart during the peak weeks of winter. These themes are wrapped in lyrics and visuals about snow, the cold, winter, etc.

    I mean, this song is literally called “Sound of Water”. The title says it all. The K-GP wanna FEEL the cold of a harsh winter day and listen to a beautiful ballad.

    You could just imagine the perfect storm for something like “Let It Go” from the Disney film Frozen being a musical AND released in winter. Fun Fact - “Let It Go” remains the only Western song in the entire history of the Gaon Digital Chart to top the Korean chart. Imagine rating it in a Gaon #1 Singles 2014 rate. Or imagine rating something… even better.

    Whew the talentry.

    Unfortunately for us all, though cute, Park was not serving the vocals or fashions Miss Hyolyn was. Park was serving us winter and cold, but he was leaving us frozen~.

    9.5 - @yuuurei - Not to be a misandrist but I was hoping for a female vocalist when I heard the beautiful instrumental. My biases aside though, this is actually really pretty and the vocals aren't bad at all. The drums give it a sort of traditional feeling and the little twinkly flourishes make it feel very wintry and almost carol-like. It is a touch overlong, but I don't really mind.

    7.5 - @evilsin - This is quite epic actually, and I didn't feel asleep halfway through. I guess if it had a bit more interesting melody, I would have given it better score.

    7 - @Cotton Park - Okay, this is really gorgeous and compelling. And just when you think it's going to end, it gets even more gorgeous, then fades. Not the kind of thing I would listen to, but it's really stunning.

    6 - @Reboot - I don’t mind this. Sure, I wouldn’t willingly decide to listen to it on Spotify or whatever, but it’s very pretty and the dude has a nice voice.

    6 - @vague - i love ballads and this is actually really pretty, but i don't love Hyoshin's voice, so... it's a tad too long as well, gosh.

    5 - @Slice of Life - I'm actually a big fan of big dramatic ballads. With that said, I thought this was a little too long. Oppa, ain't nobody got time for 7 minute melodramatic ballads ddddd.

    5 - @Oleander - Listen, I love ballads. I do. I really do. This was a very nice one until it just….refused to end. It really did not need to be this long and I feel like it suffered greatly because of it. Some parts felt too repetitive and while I like the ending, it does feel a bit disjointed from the rest of it.

    4 - @He - lovely production but I fell asleep, literally. The singing is SO monotone. It’s also fucking 7 minutes long!

    2 - @Empty Shoebox - Just what we wanted! A bad song from a musical!

    2 - @FunkyButChic - Maybe I would like this more if there was winter in my country, but there isn’t. Sorry.

    1 - @Serg. - Let me keep it real with you nobody will listen to 7 minutes of this garbage

  12. I definitely underscored that one. I didn't even realize it was the same man who did Wild Flower dddd. A classic, though.

    What the hell did @soratami give the song if they weren't one of the high scorers despite going to bat for it multiple times?
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  13. I gave it a 7, so I was almost a high scorer. Really should have given it an 8 or so though.
  14. We finally reach the 5+ averages ddd....

    17. Soulmate
    Average: 5.305

    Highest Score: 9 (@Oleander), 7.5 (@Love Deluxe), 7 (@He)
    Lowest Score: 3.5 (@Dangerous Maknae), 2 (@FunkyButChic)

    Year-End Chart: #71
    Went #1: Week 31​

    Soulmate serves as IU’s only time at #1 during all of 2018 - a huge change from when she had several entries in last year’s rate. She was able to sneak in a week at the top of the summit and only with assistance of idol rapper Zico.

    Zico may possibly be involved in the Burning Sun controversy that’s currently taking the nation of Korea by storm at the moment, though he currently denies any involvement. Some suspect he may be involved due to his friendship with Seungri, so we’ll spend as little time as possible discussing scummy men and their scummy ways.

    Let’s talk about the real star - IU. As the reigning digital giant, her songs shoot up the charts by just existing. IU has found herself as a forum favorite, charting high every year in K-PJ Song of the Year rates. She similarly did well in last year’s 2018 Gaon’s #1 rate; however, her she finds herself in the bottom half of the results. Why?

    Of course, Zico does bring down the song a bit; like Miley Cyrus realizing that it no longer pays to be obnoxious in a world where Bhad Bhabie easily stole her schtick, Zico transforms himself from a homophobic slur-spitting tough-as-nails rapper to a sweater-soft guy-next-door. Do we buy this supposed image overhaul? Hmm.

    The issue most present, though, seems to be at the core of the song - its sound.

    What plagues many IU songs is when they just don’t seem to go anywhere. Despite being very talented, IU’s ballads sometimes get lost in the mix and don’t stand out as much as when she lets her full creativity show.

    The song’s biggest crime seems to be just not being interesting.

    7 - @He - Women make everything better. Thank you IU unnie.

    6 - @Slice of Life - Issa cute song thanks to IU's contribution. I don't fuck with Zico but he's surprisingly palatable here.

    6 - @evilsin - I'll give this some points, because it breaks away from tropi-house or piano ballads, but at the same time I can't give it any more because it didn't really grab me.

    4.5 - @Serg. - Zico ruined this song completely otherwise Jieun sounds lovely

    4 - @Cotton Park - Great. Zico and IU, two of the most inventive and interesting composers in Korea combine for a song my dad would like. Except for the rap part. He wouldn't like that. I wouldn't either. But, hey, who doesn't love a great flugelhorn solo?

    4 - @Reboot - Pretty boring.

    4 - @Empty Shoebox - We already had 'Twice on autopilot', so here's 'IU on autopilot'.

    4 - @yuuurei - Huh, a team-up between two artists whose voices and music I've never cared for at all. And sure enough, this isn't impressing me. I'm sure it'd be perfectly decent coffee shop background music though.

    2 - @FunkyButChic - Zico can be interesting when he wants to be. Too bad he almost never wants to be.

  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    BBIBBI hasn't been eliminated yet though. So IU has one more song.

    Although I expect it to be eliminated real soon dddddd.
  16. I-

    I really should have done my research on these men before I gave out my scores. Although my score for this one was due to IU. Either way, I am once again Boo Boo the fool.


    I forgot about the tepid response it got on here. Sigh.
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  17. The only good thing about the other IU song was the "hit you with that BBI BBI BUU" joke @Island made, so it can leave soon too.
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  18. Huh, I always knew I disliked Zico for a reason. Good riddance to that song, I was actually going to score it lower but I didn't want to make people mad by low-scoring IU too badly in case she was as stanned here as in other kpop communities I've been in ww
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  19. I thought people on here liked IU more...
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  20. iu.jpg

    "Jam Jam" was amazing. Should have been the banger to follow "23" which was triumphant, but she decided on a thematic sequel "palette" instead and beiged out.... blurpblurpblurpbluhbluhblugh...
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